Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Light up Your Life

What if you had the power within to boost your energy level to much greater heights?  Let's just say you could turn your entire life experience level up a few notches right now. Well I'm here to tell you, you can!  You can turn on the lights (metaphorically speaking) and truly Light up Your Life brighter than you ever thought or dreamt possible. You have the ability inside you this very moment to get more out of life than you ever deemed believable. You have the power and capability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, the dull into exotic, the drab and boring into an exploding sense of rich, colorful passion. You can truly spice up the flavor of your life beginning right this very moment if you so desire.  

So what are you waiting for? Inside of you there is a switch to help you do all of the above mentioned things and more. All you have to do is find it and turn it on. Once you flip the switch, you will turn on the magic. Then the brightness of your new life that comes shining forth will more than mystify, more than electrify you. This is something you can do at any given moment of your life. The thing is, we were meant to live in heightened states, to live inside of the mystery, the enchantment of the spiritual dimension, not outside of it. Yet, most of the time we tune this very essence out and ignore the very presence that enlivens and awakens the very best in us. We also ignore the very powers that give us our radiance and wings to soar. We let the sleeping giant within us stay slumbering, while he is constantly beckoning us to wake him up and let him out of his cage, so he can let his mighty power roar.

Right about now though, you may be thinking 'this all sounds nice, but just how do I you go about doing this?'  That's a great question for sure.  The answer is this--there is an infinite energy source inside your body that you have the ability to tap into ANYTIME. It is often referred to as Shakti, Kundalini, Chi, Dao and Prana in various world religions. It's an energy source that once you tap into, or turn on, your life actually comes alive, or enlivened.  When this happens everything becomes brighter and more magnificent. Besides tapping into this source though, there are several other things you can do which can help you Light up Your Life as well. Some of these things include:
  • Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (live foods)
  • Taking herbs for energy (ginseng, guarana, gotu kola, peppermint)
  • Getting adequate cardiovascular exercise
  • Practicing positive thinking and maintaining a positive focus
  • Associating with enlivened or high energy people
  • Doing the things that help you feel more alive and connected to source
In a nutshell, anything which helps you tune into higher energy frequencies will help you to Light up Your Life. You have the power right now to live a more colorful, brighter and richer life experience. You only need to activate the latent energies of this source within, or turn on the light switch. Then you must find ways to keep the energy or prana circulating and flowing smoothly and unblocked. When you learn to tap into the wealthy reserves of this powerful energy source and to keep your spiritual energy high, be prepared for your life to light up.  Then truly the world around you will brighten as well. And remember, all it takes is one torch burning brightly to light thousands, even millions of other torches. As you Light up Your Life, you will light up the world around you too.  Small sparks sometimes create big fires!

Copyright Justin Topik 2013