Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Power of Words and Thoughts


Words and thoughts are the backbone of any person's life. They have an incredible, magnanimous power in forming life experiences and in shaping a persons reality, happiness and destiny. For this reason, everyone would be far better off if they chose carefully the words and thoughts they habitually carried around with them. For these things are your tools and weapons for hunting down your dreams and aspirations in the physical world. And though invisible, they carry massive amounts of energy and potential. 
Since everything is energy and everything is in motion, words as well as thoughts carry both an attracting energy and a vibration. Broken down a bit further, a thought carries with it a small amount of power, while a spoken word is like double the power, as it is a combination of thoughts and words. Together they form powerful intentions. The more something is thought or spoken of, the stronger the vibrations become, until the intentions bring forth the desired results. People who achieve a great deal of success have used this principle whether they are aware of it or not. They understand that it takes an absurd amount of focus to achieve the goals they set out for.

And just as the everyday foods we eat are always becoming a part of our bodies at a cellular level, it is the same with the thoughts and words which we use on a daily basis as well. These things become part of our emotional bodies and energy fields at a sub molecular, or subatomic level.

Thoughts and words are internal sketches which become outward expressions on the canvas of your life. And with the vibrations you transmit, it's not just your life you affect, but the whole of life itself, all around you. In all of our lives, there is a deeper picture being created at a core, or ethereal level by the energy we are emitting or sending out. This deeper picture is energy in motion which eventually crystallizes into a 3-D life experience. If you don't like what your present life is showing you, you can change the deeper picture by changing your spoken words and focus. By doing this, the outer conditions of your life automatically change as well.

Your mind is like a computer. In it you can program whatever you want. You don't have to merely accept others thoughts and ideas about you, or about life itself. Instead, the most exciting news is that you can download and install your own files at will anytime, on demand. The power of Words and Thoughts are limitless, inconceivable, life altering and expansive. Use them wisely and they will do surprising and sometimes astronomical things for you.    Your thoughts are your magic wand.  Use them consciously.  Why in the world would you sish for something you don't want.  Guard your thoughts and words.  They are your master servants...

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Live Bravely

What would happen if you chose to live bravely?  Let's just say that you went for everything you wanted to achieve or accomplish in your life.  How might your life be different if you held nothing back and lived this way?  Well I'm here to tell you, your life would take off immensely if you dared to be brave.  See here's the thing, there is power in braveness and boldness.  If you're not doing something every single day that makes you feel brave or bold, then you're not really living.  And if that's the case, I challenge you to truly get in the game of life and be courageous.  Dare to live your greatest life yet by living bravely.  You have so much more to gain than you stand to lose.  

Great people who live remarkable lives understand this concept.  That's the reason they achieve greatness in the first place, because they put themselves out on the line often and risk living their dreams.  What's the worst that can happen anyway if you don't get what you might be striving for?  It's just a little pride that you lose that's all.  But life is worth the risk.  It's better to die trying for what you want to achieve than not to try at all.  We all regret the things we didn't do, the one we let get away, not going for the dream we wanted to achieve. 

So stop living with regrets now.  Even if life doesn't take shape the way you want it to, you will always feel like a success if you at least try for what you want.  As soon as you stop trying then you might as well be dead anyway, because to be living means to keep on moving, keep on trying, keep on risking and never giving up.  When you give up and never risk anything then your life will stop period.  And you cannot afford to let that happen, nobody can.  I dare you to do one thing today that makes you step outside your comfort zone just a little bit.  And then practice doing this more often until it becomes habitual.  Live Bravely or die trying.

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Peace Passion Positivity Oct. 2013