Saturday, March 29, 2014

Direct Your Focus, Direct Your Life

Did you know that the simple act of placing your attention on something makes it expand, grow and become almost larger than life? Also, the more you place your deliberate focus on anything, the more insights come to you. So make it a point to be conscious of where your attention goes, for every moment of your life is unfolding according to the limited focus you keep in perspective. If you don't change your thinking, or your focus, you will always remain exactly where you are and keep heading in the same direction as you are currently headed. In his book Mind Power, John Kehoe had this to say, "The beginning step to a new and more successful life is absurdly easy. You have only to pay attention to the flow of thoughts inside your mind and direct it accordingly." 

Being able to direct your focus deliberately is where it's all at.  You can apply this wisdom to any area of your life too. If you want to be more wealthy or successful, then most of your focus needs to be on just that-becoming wealthy or successful. If you want to be a better mother, father, gardener, entrepreneur or etc. you will need to place much of your focus and attention on these things as well. And as you do this, your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve will blossom, bloom and unfold for you majestically.

Imagine for a moment that you were the captain of a plane. If you were in charge of flying it, you would have to know how to operate and direct the plane right? Well your mind is just the same. It is like a sophisticated instrument that needs a little bit of focus, clarity and understanding of how it works. When you learn to work with its operating capabilities, it will begin to work for you. As you learn to direct your focus, your life will come into view more precisely and divinely. Your focus is creating a powerful direction in your very life right now. It is not a little thing in your life experience either, it is major component, a gigantic part of everything you are experiencing in your world.

Life operates much like a camera lens. It is always giving you a larger portion of exactly what you are focusing on the most. And the more you practice directing your focus more consciously, the more you will see things you want in your life taking shape. It's sort of like being a movie producer in a film production. He or she gets to decide where most of the focus and attention ought to go and to direct the scenes accordingly. Your mind works in a similar fashion.  You too are in charge of what pictures and scenes end up in your own life movie, as well as how dramatic each scene gets to be. And all of this is accomplished by where you are placing your attention. So take charge of this production called "Your Life" and remember you are directing it by directing your focus. 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bounce Back Stronger

Setbacks, disappointments and failures are inevitable and unavoidable in the game of life. We all get knocked off our high horses from time to time. It's called being human. But here's the thing, when life knocks you down, you don't have to stay down long. Instead, you can CHOOSE to get up and Bounce Back Stronger. Part of being victorious over life is learning how to get up, dust yourself off, rebuild and reconstruct your life stronger than it was before things fell apart or came undone. And how you rise from the rubble often displays your real character anyways. 

Life happens to all of us, but you are NOT your setbacks, disappointments or failures. These things don't have to define you as a person, or limit the future you may create for yourself. They are merely stepping stones across the river of life, helping you get to another shore. I have been knocked down in my life more times than I care to admit, but I always manage to get back up and Bounce Back Stronger. Something inside of me won't ever let me give up and quit. I have this strong will to win, to succeed, to conquer and overcome anything life throws at me. And I'm truly grateful for this something, whatever it is, for it is this which keeps me moving forward and fighting like a champion day in and day out.

Things aren't always as they seem anyways. Sometimes the very things that knock us down contain hidden blessings which allow us the chance to triumph over ourselves. I think the point of challenges and struggles is to help us grow deeper roots so that we might one day stand firm like a tree. Anytime we overcome them, challenges and trials can give us strong foundations to build on, to stand firm against any of the storms life may throw at us.

How you triumph over setbacks and failures can set the tone for your entire life. The manner in which you handle what life throws at you determines ultimately if your life will be a success or a failure. Its always a choice though. Only you can decide if you will sprout once again out of the dirt with new life, or if you will sink into despair and become trapped in the irksome mud.

You have a warrior within you, who only wants to see you conquer and stand victorious on the battlefield of life. Whenever you feel like giving up or giving in, don't... Look to this warrior within for strength and courage. We are all stronger than we believe ourselves, or know ourselves to be. Choose to be a champion standing victorious in the ring, not a quitter lying broken and beaten on the ground. Winners win because they push themselves beyond normal limits. Always strive to find the silver lining in everything and new life will spring forth once again. I promise you, you CAN triumph over your setbacks and failures. You can survive and thrive once again and Bounce Back Stronger than you ever were before.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taking Risks for Your Dreams


If you knew you couldn't fail, how far would you go to get what you wanted? Most likely, you'd probably do whatever it took to materialize your dreams if this was the case. You'd also probably be just like a brave kid as he is standing up to a bully. I bet you wouldn't back down, or surrender no matter what! And this is exactly how you have to be too when it comes to going after your dreams. You can't be afraid. You can't shrink back. If you really want something, you have to be willing to risk it all. Sometimes this even includes gambling on yourself, on your strengths and ideas, or even risking your immediate security at times.
Unfortunately risk is oftentimes part of the deal involved in designing a new life, or in stepping away from your comfort zone. And sure this can all be a little scary, but you can't let fears keep you from Taking Risks for Your Dreams. If you do, then your dreams are going to be solely stagnant, like a rocket on a launch pad without being ignited. Don't you dare waste your potential like this. Live passionately, bravely and boldly. Go where no man has gone before, chasing new frontiers and new stars. Ignite your dreams and blast off right out of this galaxy.

The thing is, you might as well try something real with your life. Of course there is a chance you might fall short of your goal, but then again, you might just succeed and blaze across the sky like a shooting star. Sometimes when it comes to attacking your dreams you've gotta put your war paint on, get in life's face and declare, "I'm not giving up. I'm not backing down." And when you get to the point of fully committing yourself and you are willing to take risks necessary for your dreams, something peculiar begins to happen. Sooner or later, the risks begin to pay off and fate advances you a huge space forward on the board game of life. So whenever you get the chance to chase after your dreams, show the world what you've got and bust a move. Taking Risks for Your Dreams is the only way to find yourself living in them. 
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Running on Empty

We've all done this a time or two-you probably know the scenario... You are driving your car on empty, or very close to empty that is, trying to tempt fate, beat the odds, or just plain get somewhere on time. And sometimes, living on the edge like this can be exciting and kind of a rush. At other times though, it can be downright stressful and even scary. But let's just say you were in a hurry this morning and you did not stop to fill up the gas tank. So instead of driving to work on full, feeling peaceful and content, enjoying the soothing music, the gorgeous scenery and your cup of coffee, you are worried if you will make it there at all! The truth is you are unprepared. You know it, but it's too late to turn back now.

Taking care of your inner self is just the same. When you neglect to fill up or nurture your spiritual, emotional and physical needs, the day just doesn't flow as well period. You don't feel as connected to the source of inspiration and creativity. It's generally more difficult to tap into the flow and harmonize with the magic of life. And oftentimes, when you are in this state you don't feel as positive as usual, or as on target with your life purpose. When you wake up late and neglect the very things which recharge your batteries, whatever that is for you, you are less prepared in every way to begin your day. Sure you can still choose to be positive, happy and to make the most of the day, but the truth is you are running on half full, or Running on Empty as the saying goes.

Here's the thing, our level of connection to spirit either brightens or dulls our outlook on life. It can paint a picturesque, stunning canvas full of vivid, dreamy colors, or on the contrary, it can create a palette of browns, grays, and blacks-a canvas that is dreary and bland to the senses. Your attitude and level of spiritual, emotional and physical connectedness makes a dramatic difference on your experience and level of enjoyment in all situations of your daily life.
There is immense power in the way you begin your day. This includes the level of inner peace and happiness you bring with you and whether your cup is full or empty as you venture out into the world. Believe it or not, these things affect the rest of the day and the cosmic flow of events and interactions that will come into your daily experience. No matter what each day has in store for you though, you can take control by uplifting yourself and boosting your spirits right from the beginning of the morning. Do whatever it takes to begin your day on a positive note. And for goodness sake, quit Running on Empty. Fill up your tank often and keep it full. That way you can spill a bit of your harmonious, cosmic concoction and uplifting vibrational energy onto others. When your cup is full, it can't help but overflow onto everyone around you. This is one way you can uplift everyone that comes across your path, as well as helping yourself. This is the magic of running on full!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Glory and Magnificence of Who You Are

You are more than you could ever imagine and greater by far than you give yourself credit for. The same magnificent, creative essence which made the sun, stars, earth and moon also created you. And just like all of these magnificent creations, you too were designed to display and reflect a bit of glory of the creative entity which fashioned you. It's a glory and power you first have to accept though, before you can truly appreciate what this really entails. Everyone has access to it, but only few it seems really understand, utilize and honor this miraculous, life transforming truth. 

John Mayer says in his song Bigger Than My Body, "Someday I'll fly, someday I'll soar, someday I'll be so damn much more, cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for." These are some great and powerful words.  But the truth of the matter is, we all are... We oftentimes sell ourselves short in life because we forget this.

Once you honor and learn to utilize The Glory and Magnificence of Who You Are, life is bound to change drastically for you. Once you realize that you are connected to an infinite, power supply and extravagant life force, and you begin to understand that you have access to all of its mighty and limitless energy and resources, you will then understand that anything is possible, anything at all... Accepting this gift is accepting a divine present of possibilities.

So own your power and accept the gift that is already inside of you. It's a free gift from a loving presence. And think of it this way, if an infinite, cosmic source created you, don't you think this source infused you with at least a tiny bit of it's very own glory? The answer is pretty obvious. We live in a stunning, splendid and beautiful world. Magnificence is evidenced all around us everyday. Let us remember that we too are a part of this magnificence and that we're much bigger than we give ourselves credit for.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trusting the Curves of Life

Life is a very strange, unpredictable and oftentimes unexplainable journey.  It's full of bizarre twists and turns.  It's like driving down an unfamiliar road with no idea what you are going to see or experience up ahead.  And the trip can be perilous and frightening, or it can be thrilling and enlivening.  None of us ever really know what each day will bring.  I'm certain at times we all feel like a plastic bag floating in the sky like Katy Perry said in her song Fireworks.

Being human is a rough job.  Sometimes we have break ups, breakdowns of sorts, or life shattering, life altering experiences or moments.  But I think part of wisdom is trusting where life is leading you and trusting the experiences you are having, or not having for that matter.  Trusting the Curves of Life is trusting the unseen hand, the spiritual element of all life and creation.  This isn't always easy to do, but if we try there is oftentimes wisdom in the unexplainable.  I think life is meant to be a grand mystery.  It's part of the charm of being human and having this human experience.  Life is to be treasured, savored in each and every moment.  None of us are promised a tomorrow. 

Sometimes on our jouneys we come to a point where we may even feel we have reached a dead end, or the end of our destination.  It's usually at places like this where we may even feel like giving up or throwing in the towel. But the beauty in life is that just when you feel you are about to fall apart, somebody or something is there right around the corner to lift you up and keep you going and help you become stronger. The universe is always offering us support, encouragement, wisdom and rich life experience, even in the midst of our suffering. 

Life is always leading you somewhere, even when you are not sure where.  And I've found it's usually leading you into something bigger, or better than your current circumstances. The universe seems to have its own agenda for our lives.  And if we can tap into that, life unfolds beautifully and elegantly like a flower blossoming into full bloom.  The universe wants to bless us bountifully and lead us into a glorious destiny so that our lives can become smooth like a river which flows effortlessly, beautifully carving out the easiest route as it makes its way into the great ocean.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giving Life Your All

In every moment, all we can do is come from the highest, most powerful and resourceful place within and give what we have to offer from this particular space. Giving Life Your All is just that--giving everything you have to give, while putting your whole self into whatever it is you are doing. This includes doing things even when you may be tired, cranky or coming from a less than ideal state of mind. The beautiful thing is though, when you are Giving Life Your All, your best is always good enough... So go ahead and share your beauty with the world. And remember, life isn't about perfection anyway. Perfection is a myth and is highly overrated. So smile, have fun and lighten up a little bit. You can waste your life away trying to make everything perfect, or you can embrace the beauty of its imperfections and laugh ecstatically at yourself, while having a great time doing what you love to do. No one is really keeping score anyway--well no one besides you that is. We are always our toughest critics. So do yourself a favor. Let go and simply do your best everyday, with whatever you've got to work with. And trust that whatever challenges or time constraints you are faced with, the grace of spirit will fill in the gaps for you, completing the masterpiece you are trying to design.

Life is not perfect by no means though.  There are occasionally going to be days, or moments when you are giving all you've got and it still feels second rate, or less than what you know you are truly capable of. This is normal though don't worry, because we are all human beings trying to balance our many earthly and spiritual needs, wants and desires. And it's not always an easy balance. Sometimes all you can do, is all you can do in a given time period, or under certain circumstances. You almost have to anticipate that unexpected challenges, frustrating obstacles and pitfalls will arise on your path, as well as pressures and deadlines to meet. Part of the human journey is learning how to juggle many various things. And sometimes it feels like there are a myriad of people and situations trying to pull attention from you all at the same time. Life can be downright overwhelming and intimidating. But nevertheless, you can still triumph and leave your mark by giving from your storehouse of riches.

Just go ahead and give life all you've got and it will most assuredly return you the favor. Use your God given resources and the world will not see your imperfections, but instead will see your astounding, brilliant, star qualities. Oprah once said, "Walk, doing it with energy and gusto. Take your glory and run with it." This sums up what Giving Life Your All is truly about.


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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Live With Passion

                        "Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things!"
                                                                                                                   -Dennis Diderot

Life was meant to be juicy, sweet, full of flavor, bursting with excitement, passion and adventure. It was never intended to be hum drum, dull, boring or monotonous. So why do some people live with zest, while others lead lives of quiet desperation? The answer I believe is that we all have the choice to choose exactly how much joy and beauty we want in our lives. And each of us has a well of passion and inspiration to draw from, deep within ourselves--an unlimited reserve just waiting for us to tap into it. It's just that not everyone knows this and not everyone chooses to go after and seek this source. I think it boils down to making a choice to living a passionate life and then actually taking action to go after it, or create it.

Lets face it, in life anything worthwhile requires effort!!! Whatever it is you want, you have to work at it. And isn't it easier to just sit around, be lazy and not do anything to better yourself, your situation, etc? Of course it is... The funny thing is, people do this and then wonder why their lives are not working. Living with inspiration, joy and positivity is an active thing and requires much effort on your part.
Creating a life of passion requires taking action and personal responsibility. It requires spending time figuring out what you are excited and motivated about, what juices you, and then doing more of those things. It requires following your bliss regularly. For me, it is yoga and meditation, writing (music, poetry and motivational/inspirational material). I am passionate about all of these things! They all make me come alive and dance. While I am doing them, I feel incredibly connected to my soul and completely energized. If you want to feel more passionate, you must find the things you enjoy and then figure out how you can incorporate these things into your daily life. Maybe you could possibly even build a career out of one particular thing you are most passionate about? 

Here is a List of Things You Can do to Help You Start Living With More Passion Today

1. Live in the moment (slow down, learn to savor each moment, take time to contemplate the mystery and beauty of all creation)

2. Take chances/risks (put yourself out there, dare to go after the things you desire, dare to live your dreams)

3. Keep a journal (journaling helps you stay in touch with yourself and helps you to keep on focus, on target)

4. Remember to keep close to the source of all passion and inspiration (this one is huge, to feel more alive you have got to be aligned with the cosmic energy, the flow of life-spirit)

5. Exercise (exercise is proven to release endorphins which make you feel more happier and more alive)

6. Give what you have to offer (share your gifts to others, you may be surprised at the response you get when you showcase your talents and give whatever it is you have to give)

7. Do things that make you feel strong and powerful (I climb mountains, it totally makes me feel alive and powerful)

8. Cultivate happiness and optimism (you can do this by asking yourself positive questions, doing positive affirmations and using visualization)

These are just a few of the things that may help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. I choose to live with passion and you can too! It is very possible for anyone to create a passionate existence. All you have to do is ask more from life than you currently have been and know you are worthy and deserving of receiving it. Be a hero in your own life story and Live with Passion.

***WARNING*** Failure to follow this list may result in a life filled with regret, a life of boredom and may even be detrimental to your health!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Housed inside all of us is an immaculate source of knowingness and clarity. The unfathomable divine intelligence that fashioned you and I is a part of us all and helps guide and direct our very lives. The astonishing thing is, all of us have a direct link to this source of infinite wisdom and guidance every moment of our lives. How does anyone know that something is going to happen before it does? Where do intuitions, premonitions or psychic knowings come from? The answer is obvious.  We all have a built in compass, an inner voice, a direct personal link to universal wisdom. Some people just know how to access it a little better than others.  I believe in today's world we as a society are quite out of touch with this natural inborn ability. We have almost forgotten how to access our, "inside information" as I like to call it.  We seem to have too much noise and too many distractions. 

Native Americans totally understood this ancient aspect of wisdom, and they lived in complete harmony with it. They understood the inner connectedness and sacredness of all life. They understood how to listen to and follow their inner voices, dreams and premonitions. Of course it was most likely easier for them, as they didn't have so many distractions like cell phones, ipods, nor did they have fast paced lives, or demanding schedules to keep up with. Their goal was harmony, balance and respect for all of life.  It seems somewhere in our quest for technological advancement and entertainment we have compromised our inner connectedness to spirit.  And we have put aside learning to listen to and trust our inner wisdom. It is not too late however for anyone to resuscitate this inner capacity. Its acuity and operative ability never fully disappears.  It only strengthens with use.  

Your inner guidance is your ally, your friend, not your enemy. If you make time daily to listen, it will unfold to you your path, as well as your place in this world. It will help you with ANY challenge you may be facing. Even when you cannot see what is up ahead, you can learn to rely on and trust your inner voice to speak to you, unfold its truth and offer assistance to you. It is always there speaking to you, if you will but stop to listen to it.  

Sadly and ironically there are many traditional religions that actually discourage people from trusting and following their own inner voices and inner wisdom.  In my book, true religion ought to be instead teaching people to trust and honor the inner wisdom they receive. After all, no one knows better than you what is best for you and what is your individual path to trod. Your relationship with God, spirit, or whatever you call it is between you and this being. You don't have to go through any priest, person, or organization to get to this source. The relationship is instilled, automatic.

Sometimes learning to trust your inner wisdom requires you stepping away from others who may be telling you what to think and what to believe. But however you may you choose to worship is your prerogative.  Trusting Your Inner Wisdom requires courage to step outside of your comfort zone, as well as devotion to learning to quiet yourself in a distracting and oftentimes noisy world. The payoff is that as you make more time to listen to and walk in unison with your inner wisdom, you will be able to achieve a greater sense of inner peace and harmony.  You will also be able to establish a closer bond to spirit and receive life changing guidance and clarity.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Art of Success & Happiness

Throughout my life I have come to realize and understand that there is truly an art to creating success and happiness.  Nobody is just living a fabulous, exciting and amazing life just because.  It takes hard work, dedication, devotion and an acute focus to the positive, sunny side of life to truly arrive at and maintain an incredible life.  And the people who have great lives--lives that others often refer to as successful and happy are the ones who have learned how to master The Art of Success and Happiness.  I have dedicated a great portion of my life to mastering this art.  And I sincerely believe with enough practice anyone can master it.  All it takes is a little practice...

In my lifetime, I have been rather fortunate to know some incredible souls.  And there are a few characteristics that I have noticed which seem to run deep in the lives of all of these amazing people.  They all work their asses off at keeping themselves positive, happy and fulfilled.  They all take time to nurture their souls, to refine their talents and to do the things that bring them joy and passion. They have all taught me that happiness, success and positivity is definitely an art which anyone can master with enough practice and devotion. 

John Lennon once said the following: "When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.  When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'HAPPY' they told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life."  That is a beautifully eloquent expression by such a young kid who somehow understood that being happy was one of life's greatest successes and rewards. 

Success and happiness is a habit, but conversely so is negativity and unhappiness.  Whichever you focus on the most is where your life will gravitate.  At the end of the day, you and I are responsible for our own success and happiness.  Nobody else can find or create happiness for you.  But with that being said, if you have the ability to master any detail of your life, then perhaps you should try to master The Art of Success and Happiness, for it's an art which can surely make your life flow with rich color and unbelievable inspiration... 

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stop Complaining and Start Living

Here's the thing, in life you can either be a complainer or a winner. If you look for  something to be unhappy about, believe me you can always find something. But it's always your choice. You can complain all you want, or you can Stop Complaining and Start Living. Just understand that life begins outside of the complaining and blaming zone. Complaining isn't a crime, but watch out if you find yourself engaged in it a lot. It can become chronic and habitual. And it never gets you anywhere besides being in the losing circle. 

Never waste your time complaining about something you're not willing to fix, or make better yourself. Bitching, whining, complaining and moaning is for those who don't want to win or succeed in life. In essence, it's the mark of losers, far from the positive, power talk of real champions. Champions and winners don't waste much energy playing the complaining and blaming game. They understand they must take responsibility for themselves and what they want to see happen in their own lives. They fully understand that if they want something, then it is up to them to go after and get it. 

When you complain, you sap yourself of energy necessary to propel you in the direction you are wanting to go. You basically steal your own thunder and put weeds and poison into your life. The wise Henry Ford once made the statement, "Don't find a fault, find a remedy; anybody can complain." One way to improve the quality of your life everyday is to look for more things to bless, rather than to complain about. Complaining sours the sweet taste of success and positivity. Resolve to stop complaining if you wish to live a life of passion and joy. Extract the negativity from your mindset and watch the garden in your mind flourish.

Success is all just a mindset. It will be yours when you triumph over your negativity, as well as when you stop dwelling so much on what you don't want and instead take responsibility for what you wish to create. Circumstances don't define a man. What defines a man are his attitudes, mindsets and beliefs. Complainers wreck themselves from the inside out and end up losing their zeal for life. Whenever you complain, you are literally throwing your optimism out the door. So Stop Complaining and Start Living. Only put your energy into good things, things you wanna see expand and grow. This is a great key to successful living if you will only exercise it!

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