Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Believing and Receiving

We are living in a radical new age of awakening and revolutionary thinking. If you choose to be an active part of this new era, then it is completely essential that you learn to choose your thoughts consciously and wisely first and foremost. It seems as a human species we are finally starting to understand the correlation between our thinking and what shows up in our lives. Many of us now understand that thought not only changes things, it has the power to create and destroy lives, for whatever you believe is true literally becomes true. One of the most enlightened quotes ever written was, "I think therefore I am" by Rene Descartes. This phrase is a brilliant and extraordinary concept which holds amazing keys to unlocking the code to your destiny, for whatever we hold as true for ourselves literally becomes our truth.

In life, whatever you think you are and whatever you think you're capable of achieving will often become your ultimate reality. Whatever you can see yourself doing is what you can accomplish. Conceive it, believe it and you can achieve it. The beliefs you hold in mind, whether true or false, eventually form the world you one day will experience. Rhonda Byrne said in her book, The Power, "Your imagination is more real than the world you see, because the world you see comes from what you imagine and believe!" Basically whether you think you are pretty, unattractive, intelligent, average, humorous, dull, worthy, undeserving, talented, hopeless, limited or unlimited is exactly what you are. And by the same token, your beliefs determine how the universe responds to you as well. "I think therefore I am" becomes almost a self fulfilling prophecy. There is such an overwhelmingly, incredible correlation between
Believing and Receiving. Life responds to your beliefs. It can only give you what you believe you are worthy and deserving of always.

There are basically two types of people in this world.  There are the people who get everything they want out of life and others who want what these people have. The people who get what they want do so by practicing fundamental things such as cultivating positivity and utilizing powerful belief systems. They practice the art of believing, until they can see visibly whatever it is they are trying to manifest. They learn to harness the power of belief, until they can move mountains with their beliefs. Successful people are like rocks. They are solid, unshakable, durable and unmovable when it comes to never giving up on their hopes or visions. You too can learn to be like this.  Hidden in your beliefs is the power to stir life into motion. So remember, choose your beliefs wisely for they will ultimately determine everything which shows up in your lifetime.  Whatever you can believe wholeheartedly enough, you can most certainly receive.  Great thoughts and beliefs=a great future.

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