Monday, June 21, 2010

Savor the Journey

Life is a wondrous journey to be celebrated, appreciated and savored.  And though it's not a final destination, this moment right now is divine and is a part of eternity. It's important to acknowledge, understand and accept that we are all having a temporal experience upon this earth.  But even though our time on earth isn't permanent doesn't make it any less magnificent. It's still a beautiful and amazing ride--this thing called life. 

We should all celebrate the preciousness of life and rejoice while upon this glorious earth.  None of us can control the number of days we're given.  We can however choose to revel in the glory of life and seize the days we're given. We can deliberately choose to never take a moment, person, gift or opportunity for granted. We can take it all in, relishing the deliciousness of life's miraculousness. Think about it, whenever you eat a lavish meal, drink an expensive glass of wine, enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, you naturally desire to take your time, getting the full taste. Savoring life is just the same. We oftentimes get so caught up in the busyness of it all, without taking the time to slow down and smell the flowers intoxicating aroma around us. It is in taking time to slow down and Savor the Journey that the essence of life's sweetness, life's absolute exquisiteness is truly captured and experienced.
Basking in the glory of life is the privilege and honor of every living being. Appreciating the beauty, wonder and awe of existence, as well as honoring the forces of nature that have conspired to bring us all into existence uplifts and refreshes the human spirit. No matter how you look at it, life is a magnificently, splendid, exuberant experience, so go ahead and live it up.  Savor the flavor of life, Savor the Journey.

Copyright Justin Topik 2013

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Glue That Holds it All Together

Imagine there was a glue you could use to hold all the various aspects of your life together in a more harmonious fashion. And let's just say that this glue could also help you be more integrated and balanced in mind, body and spirit. It could help you stay more grounded and calm in any situation, which could alleviate tremendous stress, worry and anxiety from your life.  Now here's an incredible feature about this glue, it's absolutely 100% free.  It's a gift from the beloved creator to anyone who will simply take it from the supply room of infinite resources.  Now I know this may sound a bit too good to be true, but I sincerely hope you believe me.  The reason being is, this is a secret which has revolutionized my life.  And I'm quite certain it can do the same for yours.

See here's the thing, I am thoroughly convinced this magical glue exists and that it can do all of the above mentioned things and more...  Somewhere down through the ages yogi's, ascetics, great saints and mystics learned there were great physical benefits to cultivating peace and inner harmony, besides the obvious spiritual ones.  Fortunately, their secrets have been passed on to us in modern day times as well.  What their wisdom has taught us is that by calming the mind, body and soul through the ancient practices of yoga, tai chi, chi gong and meditation, a healing balm is awakened and activated. Once activated this healing balm becomes a great natural remedy for relieving stress and anxiety. It's sort of like a glue which holds all things together. 

All the spiritual practices just previously mentioned have immense, life altering power.  They have all been scientifically documented from countless sources to be able to help lower blood pressure, counteract stress and provide a more concentrated, enhanced ability to focus. You too can reap the benefits these practices have to offer and activate this healing balm in your own life as well, to bring about more peace and harmony, more inner and outer balance. You can also mine the rich treasures in your extravagantly abundant soul!

Living close to spirit is a way of life I will NEVER stray from.  It truly is the glue that holds everything together for me. I would be lost without the grace, inner peace and soul sustenance I receive from my daily practices of yoga and meditation. These things keep me from falling apart, from coming undone. When you keep first things first and stay in harmony with your soul, there is a peace, stillness and an assurance that comes over you, calms your mind and soul, descends upon you, takes you over.  It reminds you all is well, that God is operating in this universe and in your universe as well. There is a scripture from the Bible which really sums this all it up, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17). 

The power of the soul is beyond any drug, any artificial substance. There is no substitute for this elixir, this presence which holds everything together.  God's love, grace and presence is just like that--a glue so to speak. The glue mentioned here is of course just a metaphor, but it is real nonetheless, because whenever I get out of touch with my source, stress, anxiety, and mental agitation come back without fail. It's too easy to neglect or forget The Glue that Holds it All Together. We get busy. We get flustered and overwhelmed, but as Thoreau once said, "It's not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?" Making time for cultivating peace and harmony, for deepening your spiritual connection is something that only helps you feel more alive, more compassionate, insightful, intuitive and more connected to all of creation. So why neglect this aspect of your life?

Whenever life pulls at you, breaks you down, or rips your world apart remember there is a safe haven you can go to, to hide from the storms and there is a magical glue that CAN and WILL help you keep it all together.

Copyright Justin Topik 2013

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make Miracles Happen

If only people knew what they were capable of, they would astound themselves literally. We cling to security, to the known, paved paths, the way things should be, or to the way things have always been done so rigidly, all too often sacrificing a more rich and rewarding experience of life, which is often times lurking right around the corner. We so often sell ourselves short, without even knowing, or being aware we are doing it. I'm sure you've had the experience of coming across someone whom you felt displayed remarkable, soulful qualities, or who had an exuberant personality that you could clearly see was settling for far less than they deserved. And it's not that you were necessarily judging this person, rather you just saw aptitudes or personality traits in them maybe they themselves didn't even know they possessed. Whatever it was, you caught a glimpse of their inner radiance, charisma or charm. You could see genius or brilliance in them.

We all fall prey to settling for less than we deserve from time to time. Maybe you have even been guilty of this yourself? I know I sure have more than I would care to admit. The question is why do we do it? I think sometimes we forget our inherent worthiness, our innate greatness and just how capable and resourceful we really are. We can also lose sight of our phenomenal ability to fashion ourselves, to artfully and craftfully design our lives, and of the ability we have to change virtually any aspect of our lives. We forget that our capabilities are remarkable and transcendental, that we were created by a force that knows no limits, has no boundaries, who only sees possibilities and opportunities.

It is so incredibly easy to get caught up in the loop of making a living. We can quickly lose sight of the fact that we hold the keys to marvelous futures in our hands, that we set the stage, co-write, co-direct and play the leading roles in the movies of our lives. We sometimes forget that we can Make Miracles Happen and live lives of our own marvelous creations. How quickly we forget our own power to reclaim and redefine our lives at any given moment. It seems we're often afraid of the power we hold in our hands. It's like we have a magic wand in our hands that we're afraid to use, or maybe it's the effort we know we have to exert to have the lives we want and desire? Regardless, we forget we are part of the miracle, the creative force of life, that the same power which created the universe is lying dormant within us. We forget our sense of entitlement, our deserving nature, our rich heritage. So now is your chance, WAVE YOUR MAGIC WAND and get the magic flowing again that you have tried so hard to repress.

Sometimes it takes something inspiring to get you to break your bounds, to access inner wisdom and strength that may be timidly lying beneath the surface. It takes having an inspiring goal propelling you to dig deep and pull out the mighty, roaring lion inside of you. But, whatever it takes to awaken him, when you do, his strength, courage and ferocity will amaze you. We can all Make Miracles Happen if we're willing to use the God given keys in all of our pockets right now. So take the keys out, put them in the ignition of the vehicle of your grandest dreams, turn on the car and drive away into an enchanted land where you remember you are a great wizard and you can Make Miracles Happen!

Copyright Justin Topik 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winning the Game of Life

When you think about Winning the Game of Life, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Let me guess... being the hero of the game, the captain of the team, the champion of a winning organization, the president of a multimillion dollar corporation, or being filthy rich and living in a glamorous mansion? Our culture inundates us with these beliefs at an early age. These images are plastered in our minds by television, magazine and radio ads. Don't get me wrong though, all these things are nice and there is nothing wrong with them per se, but it's obvious success and fame don't completely satisfy people, as we constantly watch so called famous and successful peoples lives blow up and fall apart after they have achieved massive success according to the worlds standards.

Sometimes you can win it all and still miss the mark. Winning the Game of Life is far more than being famous and achieving super, mega success. Sometimes it is the simple things like achieving contentment, joy and happiness too. I once heard a quote that said something to the effect of, " the measure of a mans success, is the measure of his happiness. " Personally I think someone who makes $30,000 a year doing what he or she loves, is much more successful than an overworked business man, doctor or lawyer who is making tons of money and hates their job. People can have all that stuff and still feel empty. Having stuff doesn't fill your soul. There is a song by Kanye West which is actually untitled where he says, "Do you think I sacrifice a real life for all the fame and flashing lights? It's like I'm looking for something out there. I turn on the TV and see me and see nothing." This song is a powerful reminder that all that glitters is not gold.

In my younger days, I did a lot of competitive running. I went to the Jr. Olympics, won box fulls of trophies and medals, but after a while, even this success didn't satisfy the hunger within. Just because I was winning athletic contests, I didn't feel I was necessarily Winning the Game of Life. There was still an emptiness within, so I decided to change course. I decided I wanted to win the game of life, to truly taste the thrill of victory at a soul level. I have since then discovered an entirely New Definition for Winning the Game of Life:
  • Being Victorious Over Self (Overcoming the Ego)
  • Achieving Inner Peace
  • Feeling Happy and Fulfilled Within
  • Being Anchored and Connected to the Life Source
  • Feeling Passionate and Enthusiastic About Life
  • Being a Team Player, Understanding Your Place in the Great Circle of Life and the Interconnectedness of All Things

Winning the Game of Life is a personal thing. Only you know if you are winning or losing. That's because success is different to different people. I will tell you though, the worlds view of success is highly overrated. You cannot measure your worth by that scale. We always think, I will be happy when I achieve this or that. But, it's not about the success we achieve, the $'s in your bank account, or treasures in your storehouse. To win at the game of life is about the worth and wealth you feel within, treasuring every moment as a gift and being fully present in every moment. You cannot experience true success without keeping God and family first in your life. I have observed true success in life comes from keeping God and family first ALWAYS.

Winning the Game of Life is about finding that rare and often ignored jewel called inner peace. In the Bhagavad Gita or Hindu holy book, it speaks of attaining this level of inner peace. It says, "Attaining this state, he knows that there is no higher attainment; he is rooted there unshaken even by the deepest sorrow." This my friends is the reward of all rewards. Worldly awards and accomplishments are nothing compared to this highly prized gift. If you have peace in your soul, a positive outlook on life, and you are living an animated life that you are in love with, you are most assuredly Winning the Game of Life. You are victorious. The trophy will be yours.

Copyright Justin Topik 2010