Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Now or it's Never

Sometimes the cosmos shower down millions of particles of life's magic upon us instantaneously.  In a single moment, fate or destiny lines up remarkably with the stars.  And in these unforgettable moments, amazing, synchronistic and sometimes even implausible things just fall into place almost effortlessly, with utter precision and flawlessness. 

And although these types of occurrences really do happen to all of us from time to time, I believe it's safe to say that more times than not, our lives most radically change when something rather changes in us.  We all have pivotal junctures where something comes over us and we realize in a fully aware moment, that It's Now or It's Never.  We suddenly get the cosmic nudge that if we want to have, do or be something, we have to start it right away, right this very second or the moment may forever pass.  Destiny calls, pushes us up close to the edge and makes us face up to our fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities.  Then we are faced with a choice to stagnate and freeze, or to jump and attempt to fly.  And like a cliff diver, we decide to jump into the unknown, into our fears.  And oftentimes it is that very leap of faith into the unknown that is the very catalyst of great personal revival in our lives. 

I'm sure you can think of moments that changed everything for you in an instant, in the blink of an eye.  Maybe right now is one of those moments for you, where you have to get all the way in, or back all the way out.  Perhaps you are standing on a precipice of something extraordinary in your life, which is beckoning you to make that leap into the unknown, to walk into the dark scary regions of uncertainty that we all know too well.  If so, I challenge you to not back down due to fear, but to stare the giant of the unknown square in the eyes and leap even though you might be afraid.  You know you can't let fear own you.  You have to triumph over it, or your moments of greatness might be blown away forever like sand in a windstorm. 

Helen Keller once said a brilliant quote, "Life is a daring adventure or nothing."  Oftentimes we wait for the perfect moment to begin to go after our dreams, or to create lives of our personal liking.  What if instead we lived like we had no time to waste?  Moments of our lives come and go like changing seasons.  If we don't harvest in fall time, we will most likely go hungry in winter.  At harvest time we have to seize the moments.  If you live your life like you have endless time to go after what you want, you will one day wake to find your life has passed you by.  When opportunity extends its arms out to you, you have to grab onto it.  It's Now or it's Never...

Copyright Justin Topik 2013 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Your New Life Begins Now


Today is a marvelous new day. It’s a day for you to awaken to possibilities, a day to live in awareness, to raise the energy level of your life. It is also a day to re-claim your life, to re-define yourself, to climb out of your shell, to shed your old, outworn skin and false beliefs that no longer serve you. The time is now to let go of the labels you have allowed others to falsely impose on you, or that you may have placed on yourself. It’s a day of rebirth into a new way of being, a time to open yourself up to a new realm of life experiences and discoveries.

Today is the day for you to take control of your emotional, physical and spiritual self. It’s a day for you to grab life by the horns, figuratively and literally, to take responsibility for whatever you desire to manifest in your life. Truly when you do this, ALL things you desire to achieve will be within your reach.

Today is the day for you to find the passion you once had as a small child.  It's a moment to look out upon the magnificence of life and see all sorts of wonders and treasures that this day might hold in store for you. It’s a day for you to release positive intentions out the window of your soul and watch them fly away like colorful butterflies, knowing they will return with universal power to unleash and unlock secret chambers where your dreams are stored.
So come on my friend it's time to get going. All of your dreams, hopes and visions are but a hop, skip and jump away. Once you get moving and start utilizing your personal power and the strength of spirit housed inside of you, your life will get moving too. And you will find yourself by far more powerful than you ever believed or dreamt yourself to be. Take off the blinders of fear and feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. Embrace your new sense of sight and see the world in new colors and new ways. Let more color into your life palette and watch your life beautifully and artistically unfold. Welcome more peace, passion, positivity and it will come and be part of your daily life experience.

Today ALL things are possible. You want a better life? Just reach out and grab it. You want a richer taste of life? Know that the universe wants you to have this as well. All of this can begin today, right now if you so choose!  New beginnings, new hope and newness of life awaits you.  Your New Life Begins Now
Copyright Justin Topik 2013