Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Sacred Journey With a Purpose

We are all on A Sacred Journey With a Purpose, trying to get somewhere, somehow! It is only when we lose sight of this, that life becomes meaningless and or burdensome. When we are alive, on fire with our purpose, life is more than magical, more than fulfilling and more than inspiring. Living purposefully literally takes your breath away. It feels grand to discover and live your purpose. We were all created with a noble purpose, on purpose by a divine architect, to fulfill a royal destiny. He sees all of the details in our innermost blueprints and unfolds them to us one by one as we listen and are still.

When you are walking in sync with your purpose, unexpected blessings find their way to you, doors swing wide open, light appears on your horizon. Life becomes melodic as your spirit is lifted to higher and higher realms. Sometimes, you feel as if you are soaring on a transcendental, euphoric high. I firmly believe the creator desires all of us to feel this alive, this infused with life energy. I believe he glories when we do. It reflects his glory when we live lives filled with passion and purpose.

I see too many people walking around totally unaware of their noble design, or unaware that they may even have a noble design. A lot of people are completely unaware that life could offer them so much more if they would just reach out and grab it. When you take time to meditate and reflect on your purpose, and do the work to uncover it, sooner or later, it will come to you in a dream, a moment of clarity, or in a concrete feeling you cannot deny. Then you can be true to your authentic self, authentic passions and live the life that was meant for YOU.

Writing for me is a sacred gift from spirit. I come alive and burst with flavor and excitement when I write. I discovered this passion as a young teenager when I started writing to deal with a lot of inner struggles I was having at the time. After I got through a lot of hurt, anger and pain, writing became my burning passion. And to this day, it still ignites my inner flame. I feel totally plugged into source energy when I'm writing.

The thing is though, we all have sacred gifts and talents and a sacred purpose to fulfill. These things come instilled in our souls at birth. Sometimes it just takes a little inner excavation to uncover them. It can be difficult though, because as a culture we are urged to spend so much time seeking entertainment that we can easily loose touch with our true selves. Also, too much time is spent asking ourselves sometimes useless questions such as: What is the meaning of life? What on earth am I here for? Instead we ought to focus on and ask ourselves more empowering questions like: How can I make my life more meaningful? What can I offer my community, or the world from my sacred treasure chest of gifts while I am here, that will assist in the spiritual evolution, awakening, or progression of this planet? We are all on A Sacred Journey With a Purpose. When you discover that purpose and live it, your life will transform, as will the world around you!

Copyright Justin Topik 2010

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