Thursday, May 6, 2010

Embarking on Your Journey

The boat which leads to your dreams, to your immaculate life is about to depart. It is loaded with everything you could ever want or need for your journey, for your highly anticipated destination. All you have to do is hop on board. So come on, what are you waiting for? Don't you dare miss this chance of a lifetime. You have been waiting an awful long time for this opportunity, for the chance to get on board the ship which leads to everything you have ever dreamed of. You have prepared tirelessly, painstakingly and ever so diligently, never losing hope, never doubting your ability to achieve your wildest dreams. Now the time has finally come to jump on board and begin the journey-to sail away to your paradise, to live in your dreams.

The question is, are you ready for the amazing journey you are about to experience? I'm certain you have no idea what a glorious opportunity you're about to have, or the magnificent views you are going to see up ahead. But, you my friend were born for this destiny, to reach the port only you can envision. And somewhere inside of you, you know the first step to Embarking on Your Journey is getting on board the ship, daring to lose sight of the shore, really daring to put yourself out there. I have great faith in you. And I know you are ready, for that is why you are standing on the dock ready to hop on board.

You are now ready for greatness. You are ready to own your power, to steer your life, to be the captain of your destiny. The truth is, you have always been the captain and guardian of your destiny. You determine your ultimate destination. You create your fate. There are of course other attributing factors though, such as guiding spirits, your God given talents, and being in touch with your dharma (or the mission your soul has come to this life to perform). All these things together assist you in creating a glorious existence.

Alright, fantastic, so I see you have gotten on board. You have just made a life transforming decision to sail toward your grandest dreams. You have always had the power to make life changing decisions and to achieve your hearts desires, but now you have finally done something about it. Congratulations you have now fully embarked on your journey. Stepping on board was by far the hardest part, I know. I'm sure you're probably scared, yet unbelievably, undeniably and indescribably excited as well. And please don't get me wrong, there will be some dark times up ahead, stormy seas you will have to cross, times when you will feel like giving up, turning back, cowering under the pressure, the fear, but you must persevere.

Facing our inadequacy, our fear of failure, and overcoming our weaknesses is part of growth for everyone. I'm sure even Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time had moments where he questioned his ability to play basketball, or to make it in the NBA. Self doubt is a part of everyones life, but you can't let it stop you from moving forward. Inside your heart of hearts you know what you have come to this world to do. And now that you are Embarking on Your Journey, you must not let anything stop you. You must stay the course even when you feel you can't go on and shine your light even when water is raging all around you trying to dispel your flame.

Now that you have embarked on your journey, you are fully in the game of life. On this playing field you must make the opposition play your game. You must closely observe the field of play and put yourself in a dangerous position where you can score. Never forget your greatest enemy will always be yourself, which can also be your greatest ally. When life knocks you down, just bounce back up, keep moving forward in a positive direction and eventually you will be victorious over self. Winston Churchill once said, "Pessimists see failure in every opportunity. Optimists see opportunities in every failure."

Sail on my friend, on your amazing journey. Never look back, only gaze toward the reddish, golden, illuminating horizon painted up ahead. Your journey is underway. You have great courage for getting on board the ship and heading in the direction of your life dreams. You can overcome anything in your path. At the end of your fears, once you break through your walls and limitations, you will undoubtedly see, the good life lies ahead.

Copyright Justin Topik 2010

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