Monday, June 21, 2010

Savor the Journey

Life is a wondrous journey to be celebrated, appreciated and savored.  And though it's not a final destination, this moment right now is divine and is a part of eternity. It's important to acknowledge, understand and accept that we are all having a temporal experience upon this earth.  But even though our time on earth isn't permanent doesn't make it any less magnificent. It's still a beautiful and amazing ride--this thing called life. 

We should all celebrate the preciousness of life and rejoice while upon this glorious earth.  None of us can control the number of days we're given.  We can however choose to revel in the glory of life and seize the days we're given. We can deliberately choose to never take a moment, person, gift or opportunity for granted. We can take it all in, relishing the deliciousness of life's miraculousness. Think about it, whenever you eat a lavish meal, drink an expensive glass of wine, enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee, you naturally desire to take your time, getting the full taste. Savoring life is just the same. We oftentimes get so caught up in the busyness of it all, without taking the time to slow down and smell the flowers intoxicating aroma around us. It is in taking time to slow down and Savor the Journey that the essence of life's sweetness, life's absolute exquisiteness is truly captured and experienced.
Basking in the glory of life is the privilege and honor of every living being. Appreciating the beauty, wonder and awe of existence, as well as honoring the forces of nature that have conspired to bring us all into existence uplifts and refreshes the human spirit. No matter how you look at it, life is a magnificently, splendid, exuberant experience, so go ahead and live it up.  Savor the flavor of life, Savor the Journey.

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  1. Hello Justin,
    What a very nice post and it is all so true!
    We often do not stop and appreciate our lives for what it is. We dwell on what it isn't. We then waist our time, because life is meant to enjoy and be happy where we are at the moment. This is where I even have to remind myself.
    Have a beautiful evening!