Sunday, November 23, 2014

Keeping Your Head in the Game

Sometimes in life it's rather easy to defeat ourselves even before the race, or the game ever ends.  This usually happens during tough moments from day to day when we let our heads play games with us and get the best of us.  It's so easy to psych ourselves out, to get caught up in our own negativity and self doubt, rather than to keep traversing down the path of self confidence and empowerment.  The truth is though, in life you are never defeated, unless of course you believe you are.  And none of us are ever really out of the game, unless we take ourselves out of the game.  That's the beauty of life.  There are always new days, new beginnings, new opportunities to rise forth from the ashes, to find a way to win again.

Sometimes every once in a while we all just need a reality check, so we can bring ourselves back into focus in the game of life.  Reality is an interesting thing though.  We all form realities, ideas and beliefs in our minds that we in turn live by, in spite of whether they are true or false.  And we need to be careful with this too, because the things we believe to be true usually end up becoming our experience or our created realities.  We mustn't forget that we are all helping to shape our realities with our persistent thoughts, beliefs and focus.  And this thing called life is oftentimes just like a game that we win or lose mostly in our heads.  It's a game we play against ourselves a lot of the time.  And most of us are a lot harder on ourselves than we need to be. 

The cool thing about life is that life's battles don't always go to the strongest or fastest man or woman, but oftentimes to the one who perseveres the most and who keeps their head in the game.  When you can can keep your cool, as well as keep your focus positive and well directed then you always have the upper hand.  Sooner or later the person who wins the battles of life is the person who masters the art of keeping their head in the game.  If you want to become victorious in the game of life you have got to learn to do this. Keeping yourself in a good head space will keep you heading in a positive direction. It can certainly be a constant battle that you have to keep on fighting day by day though. Keeping Your Head in the Game is a constant choice, but it's definitely the choice of champions.  Maintaining a positive focus in life is vital to any achievement or success.  Don't psych yourself out in the game of life, rather learn to psych yourself up.  The power lies is in your own mind...

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