Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chasing Your Passion

Everybody has dreams and goals, but not everyone really goes after them wholeheartedly. In fact, I have met many highly talented people over the course of my life who are letting their dreams sit idly on a shelf collecting dirt.  But passions are not meant to sit on a mantle collecting dust, they are meant to be expressed and pursued.  I think what makes people great is following their passions! Extraordinary lives are not born from shrinking back from your greatness, but rather out of pursuing your gifts and talents, out of igniting that inner spark in yourself which wants to become a torch burning brightly for all the world to see. 

But here is a little secret just FYI-you shouldn't just follow your passions, you should chase them. You should chase your passions as if your very life and breath depended on it, because in all actuality it does.  In order to keep your life flowing with energy and inspiration you have to utilize your passion.  Your passion is what fuels your life.  It is the electricity that keeps you fully charged.

The day you really commit to going after what you were born to do is the day your life will blossom. Never stop believing in and practicing your own magic.  Your unique gifts and way of expressing yourself is your magic.  And if you're not sure what it is for you, just keep on following the things that make you feel alive and on purpose.  These things will never lead you astray, rather they will keep you on purpose, on target.

Your calling, your purpose is dependent on you staying after, or pursuing the very things that make you come alive and dance.  So keep on keeping on, Chasing Your Passion down whatever path it may be leading you on.  When you develop the hunger to live true and authentic to your life purpose, you will find a great deal of inner satisfaction.  You will also experience life's glory and magnificence in a way you may have never thought possible.  Man was not born to merely survive in an unfulfilled life experience, man was born to reach for the stars, to feel highly alive, to be full and overflowing with passion, the nectar and essence of life.

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