Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Be You and Do it With Style

Who you were designed to be is exactly who and what you are suppose to be.  There is nobody else you need to be but you.  And no matter what anybody tells you, you don't ever need to change who you are to be loved or accepted.  If you really want to be true to yourself and live authentically, then you had better forget trying to please others and be what others want you to be.  Many people spend their whole lives in a popularity contest trying desperately to fit in, begging for others approval and longing to be accepted.  This is a foolish way to live and will only bring you immense heartache and pain in the long run.  Consider this, if you are constantly trying to bend yourself to fit the shape others want you to be, one day you just might break. And besides, the very people who can celebrate you for exactly who you are right now are the only people you really want to have as friends anyways.  

The blueprint for you is unique and something which cannot be replicated.  So rather than trying to fit in and blend, why not just Be You and Do it With Style?  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." The person you are at your core is incredible, beautiful, vibrant and powerful.  And the talents that you bring to this world are distinctly yours. What makes you a star is being fully who you are, not trying to copy another.  The music that you hear, the thoughts that you think, the way you dress, your unique way of expressing yourself are all what makes you fully you.  Never stop doing what you feel in your heart and soul you are meant to be doing, for this is your dharma.  This is what gives you purpose, power and direction. 

In life just be you fully, on purpose, intentionally.  It takes courage to be who you are, regardless of what people think or say about you.  And sometimes walking to the beat of your own drum, the drumbeat only you may hear is downright scary.  But oftentimes it is the people who risk it all, who gain the most in this life.   Instead of running from who you are, honor and embrace who you are.  For it is only when you stop trying to fit in and just decide to be YOU, the REAL YOU that your true power awakens.  The truly great people in this world are only great because they stay true to themselves and carve out their own paths.  Be real, authentic, living to please you.  Do what you love so that you can love being you. You shine when you are being joyfully, uniquely, inspirational you.

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