Sunday, September 20, 2009

Somewhere to Hide From the Storm

Every human being seeks shelter, comfort, a place to hide from the storms of life. As baby chicks are sheltered and protected by the mother hen, we all long to feel safe, secure and protected. We all respond to kindness, mercy, tenderness, love and compassion. It is a normal, healthy, and inborn tendency, or human desire. And though, there are physical safe havens such as our homes, buildings, temples and etc., there are also inner sanctuaries which are just as important. Rumi, a great persian poet said, "Make such a place for your early mornings, seeker of truth, if you're really looking for truth. Build the place with love that has no greed or fear in it. Demons are also at work who trick and prevent us from having such a place. And remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you." I have made it a daily habit to seek refuge in my inner temple, my inner refuge. It is in this place that I find the most inner security.

Bottom line, outer security can always be lost, destroyed or taken away at any given time. On January 1st 2008, my family and I awoke in the middle of the night to a blazing fire which literally consumed and devoured our home. As devastating a blow as this event was, to have our outer sanctuary literally destroyed, I found comfort in the only place i knew to go-my inner sanctuary. It is this place that can never be destroyed by the storms of life, or tragedies, or etc. That is why it is so important to make such a place as this for yourself.

Jesus talked about building your house upon the rock so that when the winds and rain come, it will still be standing. Buddha spoke of making yourself an island. Both of these teachings I believe are symbolic of being firm in spiritual wisdom and peace and maintaining an inner refuge or sanctuary, since earthly things are temporal and can easily be lost or stolen. I would like to share a poem I wrote that goes along perfectly with this subject now. It is called:

Inner Houses

As I was watching my neighbor outside today working on his house, I thought how strange it is that most humans spend so much time building and repairing their outside houses, which are but fleeting and transitory, and so little time constructing their inner world and inner houses, which are lasting and eternal. Such a waste!

Copyright Justin Topik 2000

When you need somewhere to hide and your world is crashing down, seek to find rest and refuge within your soul. Don't reach for substances or temporary uppers to make you feel better. These things will never bring you the peace and comfort you're looking for. Establish for yourself an inner sanctuary that will always be standing, where you can go at any hour to refresh, recharge, to find rest, repose and inner peace. I promise you the investment will be well worth the effort involved. I would be lost and empty without Somewhere to Hide From the Storm.

Copyright Justin Topik 2009

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