Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Are Beautiful

I don't know you specifically, individually, whoever you are, but I know one thing-You Are Beautiful. And how do I know this you might ask? The answer is simple, because you are a child of a phenomenal, amazing creator, a creator who doesn't make anything that isn't intrinsically good. You were created by divine light, and you are sustained and maintained by divine light. And along with that, there are gifts and talents inside of you that no one can replicate anywhere in the whole world. You have a unique expression of your talents. You have a sacred calling, or purpose (dharma) that is yours and yours only.

Sometimes though, it seems we live in a world where there is just not a lot of encouragement. Doesn't it seem that others try harder to discourage us, more often than they try and build us up? I know for me personally, my own family has not been so encouraging of my writing and supportive of me following my passions in life. You may feel the same, or maybe you have a great support system? But, no matter who has, or who hasn't supported, or encouraged you in your past, I want you to know that I believe in you and your dreams, your passions, and your greatness, so I want to encourage you. And God/spirit also supports and believes in you. You deserve to be loved and supported for what you have to offer/contribute to this world. And even if you can't see it right now, I know there is something, some force hiding inside of you, right at this very moment just waiting, maybe even screaming at you to unleash it, a force or passion that can ultimately transform your experience of life for good.

I want you to think about 3 people in your life who have been encouraging. If you are lucky, you can hopefully name at least 3. And think just how much these people have influenced, or have helped shape the person you are today. I remember when I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for many years, while I was actively pursuing my writing and songwriting, one day, I was introduced to this highly famous producer/musician named Tom Roady. I asked him to listen to a few of my songs. To my amazement, he said sure. He came over to my house and gave me an hour of his time. I was blown away. He didn't know me from Adam. A few weeks later, he asked me to come to his studio to do some recording. He told me he really believed in my talent and wanted to help me record some of my music. I was beyond moved by his gesture of kindness. He helped me produce some very nice music. His kindness and generosity and his encouragement made me believe I could be successful as a singer/songwriter in the music business. The point is, all he did was give me a little bit of his time, and offered some hope and encouragement to me, and it changed my world.

So, I would like to do that for you right now as well. If you have a dream, you need to pursue it. If you have passions, you need to express them. You are truly beautiful in the eyes of the creator who created you. And he desires only the best for you. He desires you to be full of his glory and to have a rich and abundant life, not just materially, but spiritually as well. Please believe me even if this is hard for you! Spirits are also constantly around you offering encouragement. You just have to learn to listen! I work very hard at having a close connection to spirit. I feel spirits presence strongly encouraging me to be who I am and to do what I am passionate about. In fact, this very website came about because of an idea during a meditation that I felt spirit was whispering in my ear, encouraging me to share a bit of the gold that is within me, to others. You too have a bit of gold within you as well, and You Are Beautiful especially when you are doing your bliss, when you are sharing what it is you have within you to share. Let your beauty manifest itself in the physical world. Be the beautiful creation you were meant to be!

Copyright Justin Topik 2009

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