Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finding Your Rhythm

As hard as it seems to believe, there is rhythm to life's madness, an energizing, soothing, mesmerizing rhythm. And although it is very present, finding this rhythm is not always a breeze to do. The pace of this world is much different than the pace of the spirit. Nature has its own rhythm though, its own melody. And when we walk to and live in accord to the rhythm of this melody, we experience health, vitality, inner peace, happiness and harmony. Conversely, when we get too far away from it, we experience ill health, anxiety, depression, and irritability. Nature holds great secrets of the peaceful reality, the true way of the spiritual path and life. It is the rhythm we must all learn to walk to, to be closer to spirits grace. All great spiritual teachers have spent much time in contemplation in natures domain. It is a great place to gather wisdom, serenity and inner peace, a place to connect with your innermost being.

Nature knows no hustle and bustle, no hurry or worry. Everything in nature takes its own sweet time. Watching the snow or rain fall, the ocean coming rhythmically into the shore, clouds drifting slowly across the sky, a river slowly moving along and seasons changing, we are reminded there is better pace of life, a better way of being. Sometimes our chaotic lives can begin to feel like the norm, but peace is essentially our true nature, not chaos. We just don't realize it, cause we loose ourselves in this fast paced, sometimes harsh world. Yet, when we slow down and take moments to flow with spirit and invite more spirit into our lives, it comes, and we start to realize just how much harmony is a vital part of our true nature.

This peace and serenity is something you have to grow into though. You get used to the peace and harmony after a while. It becomes the norm, instead of the constant chaos, the constant chattering in your mind. Finding Your Rhythm is learning to walk more closely with the flow of nature, the pace of creation and spirit-the rhythm and flow of all life. Returning to this rhythm is a return to a more spiritual state. To the Native Americans the drumbeat has always been a vital and important part in their tradition, because it symbolizes the heartbeat of all creation. It reminds us to walk to that steady, but not frenzied pace. In the Tao Te Ching, it says, "Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity." This to me means don't be too attached to things going a certain way. Don't stress yourself out to make something happen. Do your work then let go and flow, detach yourself from outcomes.

Inner peace is a great gift of priceless value. Let the rhythm of the natural world guide you back into a closer communion with spirit. It's rhythm will help you find your own rhythm. Her wisdom, grace, beauty and natural strength is there to serve as a constant reminder to us of our true selves, our true natures.

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