Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inviting More Joy and Abundance Into Your Life

What if all you had to do to attract more joy and abundance into your life was to open the door, allow spirits presence and transformative energy to come through and then simply invite more of these things into your life? I know you are probably thinking, "sure, sounds like that hippie, feel good, new age stuff right? It's not that simple or effortless to attract more joy and abundance." Trust me I have been there too as a skeptic. But, as I have consciously awakened over the years, I have learned different, better, more highly evolved ways of thinking and being, some of which I would like to share with you right now.

To invite someone or something into your space, or reality is to grant them permission to enter, to allow an entrance of some sort. Suppose you invite someone into your house, you allow them into your sacred space. You open the door so they can walk in. To invite more joy and abundance into your life works exactly the same way. You simply open the door, make a space for these things, begin to hope, believe and prepare for their arrival. Like cleaning out a room in your house for a new child, you are making a space for new life to grow and flourish. You know this new soul is coming and you plan for its arrival, wholeheartedly believing and expecting it to show up.

Until you make a space in your life for something, you can't have it. To make a space for whatever it is you are seeking or desiring is to fully CHOOSE something. Choosing though is a lot different than wanting. Try saying to yourself aloud right now, "I want more joy and abundance!" Then say to yourself, "I CHOOSE to experience having more joy and abundance." Which one feels better to you, feels more real and infused with power and creative potential? Choosing, rather than desiring or wanting something is the fastest way to experience whatever it is you are trying to experience, because when you choose something, your want or desire changes to a faith filled belief and expectation.

Too often we focus on what we don't want in our lives, what we can't have, or can't experience. By doing this, we make too much of a space, or compartment for the things we don't want to experience and thus end up experiencing more of these things. Part of Inviting More Joy and Abundance Into Your Life is consciously monitoring and choosing your thoughts wisely, because thoughts are things too, and have life shifting potential. You have to focus more on what you would like to experience, rather than on what you don't want to experience.

Another secret to attracting abundance and joy into your life is to give them away. Share your joy and abundance in whatever capacity you are able. Share whatever gifts and talents you have to offer, whenever possible. Often what we have to share is much more relevant and valuable to others than we could ever comprehend. It's like the butterfly effect. By flapping your figurative wings, the effects of your actions have far reaching consequences.

If you are serious about Inviting More Joy and Abundance Into Your Life, you have to make a conscious decision right now to open the windows and doors to your heart, soul and mind. And as you make a place for these things to enter into your life, welcome them with open arms. Affirm to the universe right now, "I welcome more joy and abundance into my life. I make a place for them to enter into my life right now, I invite them in!" Everything has energy. Even joy and abundance operate at a certain energy frequency. As you open the door to this frequency, I promise you, you will open a door to a new, exciting and wondrous realm.

Copyright Justin Topik 2009

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