Monday, September 29, 2014

Live Outside of The Fear Zone

A lot of people it seems are so afraid of failure, that they never really try and push their boundaries and go for what they really want and/or desire.  Yet there is a danger in living this way.  It keeps you locked in the "comfort zone," which is often synonymous with the "fear zone."  And let's be honest here, in life amazing things rarely happen when you are in either one of these places.  And that's simply because if you are not growing or expanding, then you are shrinking.  If you are not pushing the limits of what's possible for you to achieve or experience, then you are most likely bound to be stuck in the muck of mediocrity.  And if you're stuck here it's only because you are afraid to live.  Joseph Campbell said, "The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." 

We all have fears.  It's a normal, natural part of life, but instead of letting your fear debilitate you, why not transform your fear into action?  You have to live boldly and authentically to be truly free.  You have to really throw yourself out there and put your whole self on the line in order to reap the harvest of a splendid life.  But it's so worth it and you can do it.  All you have to do is exercise a little bravery, a little bit of vulnerability. 

In relationships, business, the pursuit of excellence, or any type of personal fulfillment, risk equals reward.  And there is no way to get what you want without breaking out of the "fear zone."  The thing about life though is you will always be scared and feel vulnerable taking a risk for something you want.  There is no getting around this, yet it's only in really throwing yourself out there that you ever attain a life that is enriching, enlivening and empowering.  I'm here to tell you the risk is so worth the reward.  Stepping outside of your "fear zone" is where magical, unexplainable, incredible things often happen.  It's just a matter of taking that first step into uncharted, unknown territory.  It's always a little scary at first, but it's absolutely necessary to get you where you ultimately want to end up.  Live Outside of The Fear Zone and you will find a life truly worth living.  As you break out of fear, you will break free into a brighter, happier reality.  When you want something bad enough to risk everything, then you will feel the rush of life truly beginning.  And when you are ready to live as you were meant to live, you will also be ready to walk out onto the scary limbs in search of the juicy fruits.  Let's face it, without the risk, there is no possibility of attaining the fruits of your desire...

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