Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Beauty That Surrounds You

Breathe deeply, take it all in-The Beauty That Surrounds You.  The world all around us is picturesque, astounding and absolutely mesmerizing.  Sometimes you have to slow down and be still to take it all in.  Stopping to appreciate the intrinsic beauty in everything and everyone opens you to a whole new world.


Take time to look for things to bless and appreciate. Keep yourself focused on what you love and appreciate about your life. As you do this, you are practicing gratitude, one of the most powerful and underused tools in all of the world. How this tool works is actually very simple. The more you can bless and appreciate about life, the more life will give you to bless and appreciate. It works just the same when you're moaning and groaning as well. As you complain about what you don't have, life gives you more of these things to be unhappy about. Wherever attention goes, energy also flows. Life works in a great circle. Whatever you put into the circle is sooner or later going to swirl back around.

The moments of life we're given are a gourmet experience. And if we're too busy to stop and really appreciate them, the moments just pass. Whenever you are taking time to appreciate something, you are blessing it. As you do this, you give energy to the object you are focusing on. And as energy is given, energy is reciprocated back to you. So throughout your day today, I encourage you to pay extra attention to
The Beauty That Surrounds You, the beauty that is all around you. Appreciating the beauty in all of creation will help you develop more gratitude, which is the highest honor you can pay the creator. Muhammad, the founder of Islam once said this about gratitude, "Gratitude for the abundance you have received is the best insurance that the abundance will continue." 

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