Friday, February 13, 2015

Surrendering to Your Life Purpose

We all have a purpose, a calling and a divine destiny seeking to emerge in and through us.  And we all have a true mission to serve to better ourselves and the world around us.  Everyone has an authentic self and authentic true life path to follow. I think a great part of life is discovering what this purpose is individually and how we can best use it to serve humanity.

Everyone of us are born with unique talents and gifts.  And we are all meant to develop and use these innate talents and gifts to the best of our abilities as well.  The beauty of this is that as you use and embrace your divine unique qualities and express yourself authentically to fulfill your dharma, or life's purpose something magical happens.  As you connect to your soul life takes on richer meaning and fuller expression.  Whenever you are connected to your spirit, you are able to impact the world around you in miraculous, powerful and energetic ways.  As you surrender to your life purpose, you give the universe a chance to shine through you.  When this happens your life becomes radiant, colorful and immaculately beautiful, as you leave a trail of passion and positivity for others to follow. 

As you step more fully into who you are, you allow others permission to do the same.  You become like a flower in a garden in full bloom and thus inspire others around you to blossom as well.  This in turn makes the world a more beautiful, harmonious and vibrant place.  Imagine how amazing the world would be if everyone was living their life's purpose and following their life's passions.

Surrendering to Your Life Purpose is natural and organic.  It is surrendering to the path that is etched in your soul and already mapped out for you.  Once you start getting in tune with it and figuring out what it is, you will know because it will feel familiar to you and you will feel alive and in sync with the universe when you are doing it.   

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