Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Happiness Drug

What if happiness was more than an occasional good feeling state you could achieve?  Perhaps it could be and should be our everyday prescription?  I think happiness, joy, positivity and feeling good is addictive.  And it's a much better alternative than the myriad of temporary feel good remedies many use to make it through the day.  The thing about happiness is it's always a choice, but it's also a matter of focus.   A happy life is focused on positivity, growth, wellness and simply finding things to be happy and grateful for. If people would just spend more time doing things that make them happy, the world would come alive and dance.
In life you can just as easily choose the drug of happiness as you can the temporary feel good drugs.  Besides nobody should have to depend on drugs for their happiness anyway.  Happiness itself is a powerful drug.  Scientists have even confirmed that happy emotions release endorphins and stimulate serotonin production which is exactly what a lot of artificial drugs do as well.   And this alternative doesn't have any harsh side effects.

If you want to be happier try doing more things that make you feel joy.  You should also do things that positively elevate your moods, take responsibility for you own happiness, exercise your positivity muscles often, get back in touch with nature, eat more living foods which make you feel healthier.  I dare you to go ahead and practice happiness as a drug and watch how it can transform your life.  Let The Happiness Drug be your drug of choice.

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