Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Source of Infinite Supply

We live in an abundant universe.  In the realm of the soul/spirit there are powers, resources and reserves so dazzling and magnificent that when we tap into them great blessings naturally flow to us with ease and effortlessness. The grandeur of this infinite supply is reflected in the world all around us if we can but glimpse it.  It is utterly mind blowing.  And the source of abundance is non-discriminating. Whatever you want, the universe wants for you as well. The magic is all about tapping into its riches and letting its good flow to you. The beauty of this is that you have access to its supply 24/7.     

Human limitation is really all in the mind. The soul knows only infinite abundance, never ending energy and infinite supply. Lack consciousness of any kind symbolizes a person out of alignment with his or her own soul. So if your goal is tapping into the unlimited universal supply, then transcending the mind and aligning with the soul is key.  This can be achieved through various methods including prayer and meditation. 
When you are aligned with the soul, your consciousness expands in every direction. You realize that everything you are seeking is part of you (esoterically speaking). When you reach this consciousness and feel one with this wealth and infinite supply, you have just opened a channel for it to flow through to you more easily and readily.

Infinite supply, abundant health and wealth are desirous to come to you, but they aren't so accessible when you are operating from the mind only. When you are tapped into
The Source of Infinite Supply which is the soul/spirit, then watch out, blessings of all shapes and sizes will rush forth into your life experience. We live in a universe of immaculate supply. One of great secrets of having it all is understanding and believing that you already do.  When you understand this at a soul level, lack in your life will cease to exist. When you are operating from the soul nothing can be lacking. 

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