Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moving Forward

Sometimes unforeseen tragedy strikes. It is an inevitable part of the human experience. It may cause you to shrink back, your heart becoming frozen for a time. Yet, everyone knows you can't have the warming, gentle sun, without the harsh, bitter cold. Winter is just as much a necessary part of the full spectrum as are all the other integral seasons, though it can be intense, grueling and piercing to the core. Winter is sort of like death. You know it's coming, but you are never fully prepared for it when it arrives. The problems or challenges we face can be just like winter too. They can be excruciating and trying to bear, but like any season, they too will pass and soon new life will be blossoming with amazing color and divine fragrance everywhere.

Life is an experience. It is not suppose to be sweet, happy, vivacious, warm and flavorful all the time. If it was, then we would never be able to appreciate all the various parts and pieces that make up the whole human experience. You have to know sorrow before you can appreciate joy. We are here to grow, to develop, to learn patience, suffering and to experience joy, sorrow, death, new life and revival.

After the storm, after getting knocked off your high horse, comes a time for letting go, letting God and moving on! This can be painful and involves taking steps through your fear, hurt, anger and pain. It is a natural human tendency to hold onto hurtful feelings, the way it could have, or the way you think it should have been. But the truth is, life is change and eventually comes a season for Moving Forward, a time for opening the door to a new beginning, a time for taking steps toward a new reality. This is something you have to consciously decide. And it is absolutely necessary. If you don't decide to let go and move on, you will stay trapped in your fear, anger and confusion. This step involves forgiveness and compassion toward those who may have seriously wounded you. The choice to forgive is not always easy, but it is the better, more conscious choice and necessary for moving on.

Moving Forward is taking the first steps that you know must be taken in order to change a situation. I am not saying it is always pleasant, but it is something you've gotta do if you're gonna make a new reality for yourself. It's a positive step in the right direction. And when you are taking positive steps in a positive direction, you're bound to get somewhere, someday. Moving Forward is about embracing hope for a brighter tomorrow. It is about trusting and having faith that there may be a bigger picture that you cannot see, waiting to unfold before you, or that there may be a light about to turn on, just waiting to illumine the way before you. Moving Forward and walking through that door is about trust and faith, knowing that the steps you are about to take may not be easy, but trusting you have spirit's tender embrace calming, sheltering and guiding you. It is about choosing the path of inner peace and serenity, instead of anger and hostility. My friend, now is the time for Moving Forward, start moving...

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