Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Personal Responsibility=Personal Power

Personal power starts in a few areas of your life and trickles down. It has sort of a snowball effect. It picks up momentum and strength as it moves along. When you take responsibility for your health and well being for example, you soon find other areas of your life improving as well, such as your home becoming more organized and tidy, your finances staying in order and your relationships flowing more smoothly.

I recently came across something very applicable to this topic by an unknown author. It is called:

The 3 R's

  1. Respect for self
  2. Respect for others
  3. Responsibility for all of your actions

By consciously following this model, you are bound to achieve more personal power. There are many ways you can achieve and boost your personal power though. These include: positive self talk, or talking yourself up, sticking with your commitments, becoming more competent and self confident in your skills, trades, or fields of endeavor, focusing on your strengths, your own unique gifts and talents, and also by discarding any self-defeating habits, beliefs, or attitudes you may carry around with you.

You have the power right now to take control of your life and destiny. There is a flower ready, desirous, and willing to bud from the green sprouts in the recesses of your innermost being right now. There is only one thing standing in its way though, and that is fear. Personal power is often synonymous with fear, because deep down inside, we know that personal power takes responsibility. Lets face it, whatever we wanna create, we are responsible for it. That word (responsibility) scares the hell out of most people. I think that is what many people are afraid of, deciding what they want, committing to seeing something through, and then going for it. This requires breaking through our own barriers of laziness, fear of not being good enough, etc. There are many reasons to not try, to not take responsibility for your life and destiny, but I promise you if you don't, you will be led to a field of thorns, instead of a lush meadow flowing with milk, honey and the sweet nectar of life. It's your choice. It's always your choice.

In all my years of studying personal power, success and life mastery, I have come up with my own definition of personal power. So here goes...

Definition of Personal Power

by Justin Topik

"It is taking responsibility for your life and what you want to create, finding courage within you to take some positive steps in a direction you would like to go in. It's the ability to get yourself to take action and to follow through, knowing your mission, vision and purpose. It is feeling assertive, empowered and in control of your life and destiny, knowing what you want and going for it, regardless of any outer circumstances. It is also getting beyond any excuses you seem to come up with. Bottom line, Personal Responsibility=Personal Power. It always has and it always will. Personal power without responsibility is like a hot air balloon without hot air!"

Copyright Justin Topik 2009

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