Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living by the Spirit

Living by the Spirit is a new, but timeless, entrancing, yet grounding way to live. It is a sophisticated, unassuming, transcendent, yet balancing experience to be had everyday. Living this way is elegant, yet accessible, authentic, evocative and in the moment. It develops within you an unobtrusive, unprecedented sense of power and entitlement to all of life's rich blessings.

It used to be that living according to this manner was generally more hidden, secluded and not so culturally acceptable. Formerly the spiritual life was often associated with ascetics and yogi's living in the forest, or in caves and with saints or holy men/women wandering from place to place. More recently however, in the past few centuries it was often associated with monks living in monasteries, or nuns in convents.

Times are changing now it appears. Living by the Spirit is becoming a more trendy and culturally acceptable way of life, as many younger and older people alike are searching for a more genuine, inner, spiritual experience, a more fulfilling experience of life. It's quite apparent that many people are feeling the need to get back in touch with their sacred selves. Yoga, meditation and tai chi centers are popping up all around the country, as many people are reaping the benefits these ancient practices have to offer.

Religion is also changing as many barriers between race and religion are crumbling down. A lot more people it seems are becoming more interested in the inner, spiritual experience, rather than the outer, religious experience. This is a good thing too because true faith and belief is inner, personal and reassuring. In your heart and soul is a cavern where the beloved can meet you each and everyday for communion. There is also a fountain of living waters that nourishes the deepest parts of you, whenever you drink from it. You don't have to go to a tabernacle, mosque or temple to feel swept away by God's holy, mesmerizing presence. True, spiritual experience is oftentimes simpler than that. It's about going within yourself for illumination, inspiration and enlightenment, knowing the God of the universe is a part of and connected to your very being. It's totally about the inner connection you keep to this sustaining force of life and not so much about only performing the outward rituals and going to worship services once or twice a week. Real spiritual living is about devotion, dedication, giving in, surrendering to the force that can and will change and re-design you for optimal life performance and experience.

This new, yet timeless way of living is Living by the Spirit. It is learning to live from your heart and soul, rather than solely from your intellect. It is learning to be a more integrated, attuned human, spiritual being. It is learning to trust your inner promptings and listen to the subtle, still, small voice within for constant guidance and direction. This way of living is also learning to trust that things in your life are working out precisely how they need to for the unfolding of your soul and spiritual journey. It is learning how to incorporate spirituality into ALL aspects of your daily life. Before you make any plans for each day, take time to pray and meditate and seek spirit's guidance. Always ask for wisdom and necessary guidance in planning your day and events, then listen to any whisperings or inclinations you feel. And then trust and follow the wisdom your given.

Living in the Spirit is exciting and mesmerizing. You get intuitions or hunches about things, a lot of coincidental events start occurring, mysterious people and things start showing up at just the right time and your energy and insight increases. You become more enlivened and life takes on a different hue. You begin to see and experience the world differently. Life becomes rejuvenating, impeccably fulfilling, an unforgettable journey, as stars align and point you the direction you need to go. It is like opening the door to the possibility of spirit's magic and mystery operating in your life. We can either let in or shut out this magic. When you choose to let it in, your soul catches on fire and colorful passion begins circulating joyously through your being, brightening ALL aspects of your life experience. When you let in and live by the spirit, life becomes captivating, enthralling, riveting, a joyous dance and miraculous adventure.

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