Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Most Important Face of Success

There are many different faces of success. Some of these include assertiveness, a positive attitude, feeling deserving and worthy of greatness, having confidence in your abilities, being resourceful, being somewhat of a risk taker, exhibiting perseverance, dedication, as well as maintaining a vivid mental vision of your goals. And while all of these are highly important and necessary elements of any success for sure, there is one which far outweighs the others in terms of major importance. In my opinion and life experience, The Most Important Face of Success is by far--attitude. When it comes to success, attitude is more important than ability, strength or even talent; for you and I both know there are many highly capable and talented people standing in the bleachers, watching the game as spectators in the game of life.

Talented people are a dime a dozen.  They can be found in every town and walk of life. I'm sure you probably even know some incredibly gifted, clever people in your own circle of friends or acquaintances. Perhaps you are even one of them? Here's the thing though, deep down we all know that talent alone is not enough to guarantee real, genuine success. A lot of incredibly talented people don't achieve the greatness they have it in them to achieve.  Many just don't see their own unique gifts, talents or abilities, while others are afraid of rejection.  The majority however just don't have the right mental attitudes. But whatever the case may be, those who achieve success in any area of life share one MAJOR thing in common.  They all have the right mental attitudes. They take the bit of raw talent they have, combine it with an unstoppable attitude, a great deal of perseverance and they achieve phenomenal success for themselves.

The point is this, you can have anything you want in life if you're willing to put on The Most Important Face of Success.  If you exercise an unstoppable positive attitude, there is nothing you cannot be, do or have, period...  Of course besides having the right attitude, you will still need to be wholeheartedly dedicated to your cause.  And you will also need to use your will power and be willing to really throw yourself into the game as well. 

Some of history's greatest successes were not necessarily the most talented.  They were just the most fiercely determined. If you wanna play big in the game of life, you have to show up with the right game face on. And unless you bring the right attitude, you will literally defeat yourself before you even get into the arena. A proper attitude is that important.  It's what defines great players from the mere mediocre ones. 

Success takes putting on many important faces. It also takes making a firm vow to yourself that you are worthy and deserving of great things. It takes putting your intentions out there into the universe, practicing assertiveness in moving toward the things you most desire. Real success is something that starts inside you right NOW. It starts with you believing in yourself, even when others may not. It starts with you believing you can achieve WHATEVER you set your mind to. It takes looking up at a unbelievably intimidating mountain, lacing up your shoes and beginning the journey, even though you may have no idea how you're going to conquer it. It is having complete, inner faith and confidence that once you start the climb, you will find or attract what you need for each phase of the journey. Its believing you will confront and overcome ANY obstacle you find in your way.  More than all of these things though, succeeding takes putting on The Most Important Face of Success, which is a positive attitude--a monumental force that makes a ginormous difference.  So put your game face on and get yourself into the game of life and do it now!

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