Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reclaiming Your Inner Artist

Everyone has a creative spark, a creative genius, or well of creative juice to draw from. And though, not everyone is meant to be a Michelangelo or a Rembrandt, creativity is still a vitally, important part of every one's overall well-being. The need to create is almost an inborn desire, as is apparent in most children. They are so utterly passionate about expressing their creativity, it's quite enjoyable to observe. Kids little minds are just racing with thoughts and ideas. They are so uninhibited in expressing themselves. And they are so in touch with the magical realm of spirit, where all inspiration originates.

Creativity comes in several shapes and sizes. There are a multitude of ways of expressing it and Reclaiming Your Inner Artist. Some of these ways include: writing poetry, drawing, painting, wood working, decorating, creating plays or musicals, landscaping, pottery, glass blowing, song-writing, dancing, making inventions, or just simply using your imagination. These are all ways to get in touch with your inner artist, bring it to life, keep it alive and to help keep that inner spark burning. Each creative expression takes you deeper into an enchanted realm of alluring beauty and magic, a realm that beckons to you, to return to it often, for its life giving essence. Shutting yourself off from this realm is shutting yourself off from a major source of joy, passion, inspiration and enthusiasm.

In today's world it is quite easy to lose touch with our inner artist. We live in such a dominant left brained, analytical society, so a lot of us unhealthily repress, or completely starve our creative selves.  This we do to try and fit in, or gain acceptance; all the while the right brain, or creative, intuitive, side of ourselves is oftentimes screaming out for attention and recognition.

In many of us, ignoring the artistic side of ourselves creates an emptiness, a lack of expression and can even lead to depression. I was definitely one of those who fell into this category. In my early teens, I got to a point where all of a sudden I was overcome with an immense amount of darkness and despair.  Depression loomed heavily over my being.  Now granted I was dealing with a lot of deep rooted family issues and repressed emotions I had bottled up.  But looking back with a bit of perspective, I am convinced a great deal of my depression came from an enormous amount of unexpressed creativity.  My lack of expression and creativity totally bogged me down.  I was dying inside trying to desperately fit in, meanwhile ignoring my inner urges. But, through a lot of counseling and self work, I learned to express my true, deep seated emotions. I also started exercising my creative longings by writing music and poetry. Somehow with the grace of spirit, I managed to heal a broken part of myself by learning to express myself more fully.  I also learned to tap into a great, spiritual source and unplug the flow of my inner artist. I was able to re-awaken this glorious part of myself, after feeling stuck in a deep rut for many years.  I literally came to life again...

Embracing your creative side is a simply, delightful way to live. Not embracing it however, leads to stagnation, restlessness, boredom and a sour, unfulfilled life. There are two paths waiting up ahead of you right this moment. The creative, expressive path leads to integration, wholeness, a sense of belonging and completeness, while the non-creative, non-expressive path winds and winds leading to an unfulfilled destination.  It has many ruts and potholes you might even fall in if you're not careful. If you traverse only the latter path, it will never fulfill your inner longings. The wise traveler learns to walk  the creative, expressive path for the splendid fruit it provides, for he knows that walking this path leads to a spectacular, brilliant, illuminated destination. Reclaiming Your Inner Artist is returning to authentic living and authentic power.  It is reclaiming all parts of your gloriously, created being.  It is honoring the whole self.  When you reclaim your inner artist, you will reclaim your passion and your power...   

Copyright Justin Topik 2013