Friday, June 13, 2014

Get Your Hopes Up

It seems like people are always saying, "be careful not to Get Your Hopes Up too high, just in case things don't work out." But I've never been one to support this type of philosophy.  I personally think living like that is absurd and ridiculous. Truth is, you should most certainly
Get Your Hopes Up and keep them up. If you want something, you've gotta fight for it, hope for it and keep your focus on attaining it. And if you think about failing, or things not working out, that is exactly what will happen.  Will Smith once said, "There's no reason to have plan B, because it distracts you from plan A."

People who get what they want from life always have high hopes and high expectations.   
Our expectations, hopes and beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies. They hover around us in an invisible force field and attract, or repel the very things we desire. So always expect the best, look for the best and hope for the best in all situations, and that is what you will experience. And when anyone tells you not to
Get Your Hopes Up too high, just smile and tell them perhaps they should not to set their sights too low.

Don't live your life in fear of life letting you down. Instead, live an amazing life. Put yourself out there. Don't back down under a little pressure, or from a little failure. Life will give you whatever you ask, but sometimes you've gotta break down the door first. It is only we who let ourselves down. It is only we who ultimately decide what we will allow into our lives and what we will keep out. So aim high, fly high. Step out of your comfort zone often and just see what life can do for you. 


As you learn to keep your hopes up, you will experience life taking you on a grand, thrilling roller coaster ride. Keep your hopes up and life will raise you victoriously for all the world to see. And you will be a living, breathing example of what is possible for anyone who never gives up and holds onto hope.  With enough hope and belief ANYTHING is possible...

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