Sunday, May 25, 2014

Own Your Life

If you are not fully satisfied with your life in any area, there are things you can change  instantly now. I challenge you to take back your power and Own Your Life. Stop blaming, complaining, whining, justifying and rationalizing. These five things will only poison your life and make your power go down the drain. They will also keep you in a mindset of why you cannot have something or do something constructive in your life. So do yourself a favor and toss them all overboard in your life story. 

You are the captain of your life, the captain of your ship. So why not live with passion and make the voyage unforgettable?  Quit playing the victim card and instead, take out your sword, dagger and shield and play the hero in your own life story. Be the hero you have it in you to be. Use your sword to cut down anything standing in the way between you and your dreams. Use the dagger to defeat fear that keeps you stuck and use the shield to fend off people who tell you it isn't possible to have or create the life of your dreams.

Truth is, once you start really exercising your power, you will find yourself to be far more resourceful, more witty and empowered than you may have ever even imagined. Now is the time to take back the power you have been giving away. It's time to live an electrifying, fascinating and provocative life. Simply decide what you want and go after it. Get serious about success and happiness. Practice "doing" instead of merely "talking." If you want more money, do what it takes to create more money. If you want more happiness and inspiration, do the things that bring you joy and inner satisfaction and things that stir inspiration in you. If you want to reach a goal, whatever it may be, then start out on your journey toward that goal today by taking the very first step today.

Always remember your life is in your hands. You are not at the mercy of life, but rather you are creating your life experience each and every moment. So take advantage of the ability you possess to refine and mold yourself, to create whatever kind of life you want to create.  You are the only one holding you back from whatever it is that you desire. Once you take back your power and Own Your Life, NOTHING can stand in your way. Use your God given strength and inner tools for making your life extraordinary. You have these things within, so for heaven's sake, don't let them go to waste, use them!!!

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