Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brighten up Your World

Your world can be as bright and passion filled as you want it to be.  There are NO limits to how incredible or how amazing your life can truly become.  All of us have the choice to brighten up our lives, to brighten up our worlds.  This we can do by choosing happiness, joy and positivity in every possible situation.   To live an incredible life takes having a ridiculous focus on beauty, happiness and positivity.  You can also Brighten up Your World by choosing to associate with positive, harmonious, uplifting people-people who are interesting, enthusiastic, full of life and wonder. 

A great deal of people in my life have encouraged me to be mediocre, to just concern myself with making a living, but that has never worked for me.  I have always been more interested in designing a great life for myself.  I would encourage you not to sell yourself short either, but rather to fashion for yourself a great life of your own liking.  I would also highly encourage you to think lofty thoughts, to use your imagination, to play and make believe with life often.  Let out your childlike qualities.  And along with this, don't neglect the spirit, the part that animates you and enlivens you.  This essential component of you is highly important, maybe even more so than you realize! 

Choose joy and passion constantly.  Shower yourself with inspiration and creativity daily.  Make time for the things that resonate with your soul, the things that make you feel alive.  These things all collectively help you to Brighten up Your World.  And why would you choose to live in a dull, colorless existence anyway if it's just as easy for you to live in an illustrious color filled world?

If there were no limits to how much magic and brightness you could experience, or create in your life what would you do differently?  The beauty and wonder of life is that you get to create and live in whatever kind of world you choose.  You are the master artist with the paint brush in your hands, holding a palette of any colors you choose to represent your life picture.  So I dare you to go ahead and choose bright, exotic colors to make your world divine.  Your life will flow artistically and beautifully if you will consciously choose to Brighten up Your World.  The pen is in your hand.  What will you create?  Why not create a life of immaculate beauty? Just saying......

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