Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Little Positivity Goes a Long Way

Oftentimes the difference between a mediocre life and a phenomenal life is just a little bit of positivity.  Positivity is the imperative link for living life to the fullest and capturing a bit of bliss and happiness.  It is a superlative drug which keeps life fruitful and flowing with rich, abundant blessings.  In my own life, it has made a world of difference.  My positive attitude and winners mentality has opened gigantic doors in my career and has assisted me in accomplishing all the goals I have accomplished thus far in my life.

The reality is though, nobody can be positive 100% of the time.  That's just not humanly possible, but that's not what's most important in living an incredible life.  What is important however, is tipping the scales in your own personal life.  This means having much more positive thoughts and feelings than negative ones.  If you can manage to do this, you will see life blossom and flower for you beautifully and artistically guaranteed... 

I believe positivity is a greatly underused tool in the pursuit of excellence.  But it's something that is absolutely necessary in creating the kind of life for yourself which you secretly dream about.  Of course it's not always something that comes easily, but it gets easier with practice.  If you take time everyday to exercise your positivity even for 15-20 minutes it will make an impeccable difference in your quality and enjoyment of life.  Here's the thing though, YOU have to do it.  NOBODY can do it for you.  And you have to CHOOSE a positive life.  This may sound easy, but choosing a positive life means giving up your drama and many people just aren't willing to do that.  Playing the victim part is quite fulfilling to a lot of people it seems.  But the rewards of giving up your drama and taking responsibility in creating a positive life is well worth its weight in gold.  Because with a positive life you get to decide where you want to go and who you wish to be.  You get to co-create your life and destiny.  And along with these benefits you also get to feel healthier, happier and more alive.  Yes sirree it is totally worth it.  A Little Positivity Goes a  Long Way.  Try it for yourself and you will see...

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