Monday, January 27, 2014

The Gift of Encouragement

We live in a world where it seems people are quite reserved about offering others praise and encouragement.  This baffles me too.  I just don't get it...  As a society we are so quick to harshly judge others, or finger point when someone is messing up. But why does it have to be this way?  I personally don't think it does.  I grew up in a family where I was rarely praised for my successes and accomplishments.  As a result, I didn't feel very valued and appreciated.  And I didn't like how that felt, so I have made it a point to try and compliment and encourage people every single day.  I look for opportunities to give others a bit of praise every chance I can.  It's amazing how people respond to it too.  Sometimes they are dumbfounded and look at me like I just gave them a handful of diamonds.  It's kind of funny seeing people's reactions, but I sincerely like how it makes me feel though.  I find uplifting and offering support to others to be almost a little addictive.  But honestly I think it makes me feel more rewarded than anyone else at the end of the day. 

Think of the last time someone randomly complimented or praised you.  I bet chances are it probably made your day right?  I feel we could all brighten each others lives by simply taking time to lift each other up a bit more.  It doesn't even have to be anything special either.  Sometimes you can uplift someone by giving out a few nice words, or offering a smile to someone deserving.  I promise you if you will make it a point to do this more often, it will surely add a positive dimension to your world.  And compliments are contagious too.  What if one person you decided to compliment passed a compliment on and 100 people's lives were touched in just one single day?  That is the power of encouragement.  Its kind of like the butterfly effect.  It can go a long way.  And it all starts with one person, maybe even YOU???

I encourage you to look for opportunities to build someone up or to dish out a bit of positive encouragement.  Tell a good friend how much you appreciate them.  Tell someone you respect and admire that you look up to them.  Tell your significant other just how much they mean to you and maybe even buy them a special unexpected gift.  Give someone with a noticeable talent a tiny bit of "that a boy."

Whenever you are supporting and encouraging others, you are helping them to build their confidence and self esteem.  This inadvertently helps to create more positivity all around you. It creates sort of an upward spiral.  And you never know how someone might be affected by a little bit of encouragement and support.  You might truly change someone's life by a simple gesture of praise.  Why not be the person who starts a chain reaction of kindness and positivity.  Just maybe a better world starts with you and me offering more kindness, support and love today?

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