Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Divine Rhythm of Life


Just as the drumbeat sets the rhythm for most songs, there is a natural rhythm to life, which we can learn to move to as well. Staying in tune with this rhythm is certainly a life saver, a stress reducer and can offer you a bit of zen, balance and poise during difficult times. Our often busy lives certainly have their own pace and agenda, which can easily get us out of tune from time to time with the universal rhythms.

Sometimes this thing called life can take us on a wild, crazy and adventurous ride. And it can be either exhilarating or exhausting depending on the circumstances. But even in moments of great upheaval and uncertainty, there is the opportunity to stay attuned to the vibrations and harmonies of life. Its echoes can be heard in all of creation, from the sounds of a waterfall, to the joyous noise of forest animals teaming with life, or in a child's innocent laughter, just to give a few examples. Life's rhythms and vibrations are all around us soothing, comforting and leading us deeper within ourselves. If you listen for their sounds and melodious, intrinsic, harmonious rhythms, they will guide you to where you need to be. They will speak volumes to your soul.

One thing highly evidenced in all of creation is that there is indeed a grand, master, piano player, playing a symphonic melody for the entire orchestra of life to follow. And just as every musician must find his or her place in the orchestra, each of us have to find our place too, or make a place for ourselves in The Divine Rhythm of life. We each need to find a melody which resonates with our inner selves and learn to beat in unison with it. This provides our lives with meaning and rich, robust flavor.

Life can be a cosmic roller coaster ride, with perilous free falls, upside down loops and scary, steep ascents or descents. Yet, we all need to recognize there is divinity and precision in ourselves, in others and in all things happening in our lives and in the world around us. There is exquisite perfection in life's ups and downs, in life's disappointments and disillusionment's. Everything has a purpose, a season, a rhyme and reason. Wisdom therefore, is learning to trust the intuitiveness and intelligence of the divine rhythms majesty and timing. The more you learn to operate in unison with these natural rhythms, the more smoother and spectacular your life experience will become.

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