Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Zest for Living

Enthusiasm, inspiration, joy, love and positivity are keys to longevity, as well as essential parts of any life truly worth living. They are also tickets to a dynamic life experience and a zestful passion filled existence.  And here's the thing, the more excited, passionate, on fire and alive you are, the more good things will flow into your life. 

By maintaining A Zest for Living, you open the flood gates of life energy and tap into the well springs of joy and positivity. Living this way brings with it countless other blessings too, some of which include: youthfulness and vitality, both of which are deterrents to sickness, disease and depression. 

Being excited about life is a cure for all that ails. When you are living with zest, you are adventurous, spontaneous, able to be inspired and in the moment like a child. You are a joy to be around. You are magnetic and full of irresistible charm.  And just like the soap maker Zest's slogan says, "You're not fully clean unless you're zestfully clean." The same applies to living with zest. You're not fully living unless you're zestfully living. Really though, why would you want to live any other way? The reality is every human being can live with a heightened sense of life, overflowing with rich passion and inspiration. It's a choice, just like everything else in life. So if you're not living in this fashion already, I challenge you not to wait for the perfect moment to turn your life experience up, but instead do it now. Live with zest, jump into the flow of passion, joy and positivity. And let it carry you into a new life and a new you.

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