Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finding Your Dharma


There are so many books out there about Finding Your Dharma, discovering your purpose and mission, or your divine destiny. The answer is though, no one has all the answers for you. Your purpose is yours and yours alone.  So although these books, CD's and resources may assist you in helping you uncover or discover your mission or dharma, you have to look within to discover your call of duty, or what is your work to do...

Dharma can be a complicated concept and there is definitely more than one meaning. So what is dharma you may ask? Dharma is a Hindu and Buddhist term. In Buddhism, the wheel of dharma represents the 8 fold path to enlightenment, while the Hindu meaning states that we have all taken on a physical form to fulfill a divine purpose. It is this particular meaning I am going to focus on here. Dharma then, according to Hindu philosophy is uncovering your life purpose, or doing what you were meant to do. It can also mean the way YOU should go, the way that feels natural or inspiring to YOU. Emerson, a great poet and writer once said, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. " To be unique and follow your bliss, your passionate voice is one of the highest achievements for anyone. This is finding and following your dharma.

Where I find my power, my inner voice is in quiet mornings of reflection. This is the source of inspiration and illumination I have come to rely on more than anything else. If you don't have a time of inner reflection, I challenge you to make one for yourself, to study, pray and meditate, and also to really put it before God or spirit-the question of what is your path. Looking to everyone else as a "How to" guide for finding life fulfillment without going within, is bound to lead you to complete and utter confusion.

Dharma is finding your mountain to climb, your sea to sail, your path to trod. Your true path is etched in your soul. When you attune to the divine within, you will attune to the melodic, rhythmic melody of your life calling, or purpose. Everyone has a unique mission, a unique spiritual purpose for being here. When you find your dharma, you will find the source of great power in your life. Finding Your Dharma is like finding a path that was always there, you just have to uncover some of the overgrown weeds to see it.

An important point to consider about your destiny, or dharma is that it may be more than one thing. For me, it is writing music, poetry, books, doing yoga and meditation just to name a few. Whatever it is for you, when you find your way, you will know, for you will feel alive, renewed, refreshed, invigorated, full of passion and purpose when you are doing it. You will be radiant with the stuff of life. Being in your dharma feels heavenly, dreamy, like you are soaring to breath taking heights, riding on the wings of eagles. Rumi said, "Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."

I would like to end this with a poem I wrote recently called:

Let Dharma Unfold

Entertain the possibilities,

begin with a single step,
dance to the melody you hear
inside your heart of hearts,
carve out the path etched in your soul,
roll out the carpet,
let dharma unfold...

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