Friday, May 16, 2014

Where the Doors Swing Open

Sometimes in life you've gotta go Where the Doors Swing Open for you. Every once in a while life throws random, unexpected opportunities your way. And if you wanna see just what they may hold in store for you, you've got to walk through that door to see where it may lead and what's on the other side. In fact, some of the best things in life come from unexpected opportunities, whether it's an unplanned, joyful, loving child, an amazing job or business opportunity, a chance encounter with a stranger which totally shifts your life for the better, or coincidentally meeting that dreamy significant other. It's really a trust thing a lot of the time too. You've gotta learn to trust the rhythm and timing of the universe, not knowing where it may lead you next, yet following that unpaved path anyways. The universe is unfathomably wise. It will open the doors, but you've gotta take the next step.

Some of life's greatest experiences come from walking through mysterious doors that swing wide open. When you trust the infinite intelligence, or the power that created you and go down roads which you feel it guiding you on, you are blessed, sometimes even rather abundantly. Oftentimes life is just waiting for the opportunity to put gifts in your basket and to shower you with possibilities. Actually the universe is like Santa Claus with a never ending array of gifts to give out. Your only job is to ready yourself to receive the gifts and walk through conduits Where the Doors Swing Open

You never know when or where doors will open for you, but when they do, seize the moment. Walk through them and observe the rainbow of possibilities that show forth impressively and vividly guiding you along. Always remember, swinging doors often lead to fruitful adventures, treasured moments and golden opportunities. Walk confidently, willingly and trustingly Where the Doors Swing Open.  You just might find yourself in a world of amazement when you do...

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