Monday, October 12, 2009

Awaken The Genie Within (Re-Claim Your Personal Power)

Don't seek it any longer, just call it forth-the life that you desire! Your power is so much greater than you realize, far greater... Infinite possibilities, infinite abundance and infinite power are at your fingertips right this very moment. Exercise the God given power at your disposal. The creator infused you with massive creative potential and unfathomable, unlimited resources with which to shape your life. It is part of your royal birthright. He made you rich. You are wealthy and resourceful beyond your imagination, beyond your ability to comprehend. All you have to do is just believe, just accept the creators offering to you as a free gift to his beloved and then, exercise your imagination & visualization faculties and your personal power to act.

The genie is in the magic lamp, within you, slumbering restlessly, waiting to be summoned by you. He is ready at any given moment to be called forth, waiting for the chance to show forth his astonishing powers. Believe in him, awaken him, let him out and watch your life transform. You are not weak and powerless by any means. You are much greater than you might know yourself, or think, or believe yourself to be. Take a few chances, exercise your God given gifts. The only grow stronger with use.

Life was really meant to be magical, enchanting, full of passion, adventure, satisfaction and delight! It is only us who keep ourselves from experiencing these things. What if you could have, do, or be anything you really desired? What if you really had the power, the tools and the magic at your beckon call, inside you right now, with which to create a magical reality, a magical life, a life beyond your wildest dreams? Would you seize the opportunity and use this power and these tools, or would you just waste these highly precious things and play the victim card? You are not a victim. You are a glorious creation, and you do have phenomenal, extraordinary, and enormous power, but first, you have to find it within yourself!

A creator puts a bit of him/herself into all of his or her creations. The gift is in you. The creators magic is in you. The tools needed to build and construct a glorious, new life are in your reach now. Use them, they are a priceless, matchless gift from the Great Spirit. Let the magic flow, waste it no longer. Awaken the Genie Within and Re-Claim Your Personal Power...

Copyright Justin Topik 2009

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