Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Staying in the Flow

We have all had days where it seems everything is going our way. The heavens open up and the universe seems to be conspiring for us. It feels like we are on fire, totally in sync with the universal flow. It's as if there were some kind of magic fairy flying a few paces in front of us, sprinkling pixie dust ahead of us at every step, magically transforming circumstances so that everything goes our way. It's as if everything we touch seems to turn to gold, and everything falls into place just as it should. And the astonishing thing is, we don't even have to try so hard in this state of grace, the flow is just there and you are a part of it, just flowing with it. Like a river, life is flowing smoothly, powerfully and purposefully.

I am sure everyone has experienced moments such as these from time to time. They are moments to be treasured. You know the moments I am referring to? where you don't have to try so hard, or force any thing to happen, where things just happened. And in this place, this state of being in the flow, it feels good, natural, you feel refreshed, light and in tune with all creation, totally alive and on purpose. That's because, being in the flow is our natural state. We were meant to live this way, feeling good, calm, relaxed, peaceful and happy, in a place of non-resistance. When we are in this state, everything seems to work better, more efficient, more precisely. Even our relationships run smoother and more harmonious. It is a buoyant state of being.

And then, on the contrary, there are days when nothing feels right, when it seems we are out of touch with our higher selves and the rhythms of life. Nothing goes right and we just kinda feel off. It is a strange phenomena too. And sometimes it has nothing to do with your routine, or outer circumstances. I practice yoga and meditation pretty much daily, and sometimes, even after all I do, I just don't feel it. I may have a harder time relaxing and feeling inner peace, bliss and connected. At times, it seems we can lose the flow. We may feel blocked, irritated, anxious, confused and exasperated. It can also be very difficult to get back into the flow. One thing I know for absolute certain though, is we were not meant to live with so much stress and tension. And a lot of times, we blame our outer circumstances for the lack of balance and peace we may be feeling. That is oftentimes not the case. Being in and Staying in the Flow starts on the inside.

An important point I'd like to make here is that I have found it is much easier to stay in and maintain the flow, when I am connected to the source of flow-spirit. Being in the flow comes from within you, when you experience brief moments when you heart, body and soul are all aligned, or connected. You can increase the moments of being in the flow by raising your spiritual frequency and doing things to encourage more inner peace, such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, art and deep breathing. Being out of the flow usually indicates we are out of flow, or sync with spirit. In a nutshell, Staying in the Flow is as simple as staying connected to the source of the flow. If you work to stay close to your source, you will experience more moments of being in the flow and Staying in the Flow!

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