Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Down to Business in Your Life

It's 4th quarter, with only 3 minutes to go in the championship basketball game. Your team is down by 5 points. This is it. It's time to fly. It's time to pull all of the tricks out of the bag, time to create a little magic, time to pull together and utilize all of your individual strengths. It's time to put your game faces on, time to decide RIGHT NOW if you are 100% in, or out, and if you're gonna win, or lose this game. Winning is a choice too. It is always a choice!

On a more personal scale, you've gotta use this same sports minded mentality to get to where you wanna go as well. You've gotta step up to the plate if you are serious about Getting Down to Business in your life. You do this by deciding what you want, what you're committed to having, doing and being in your lifetime and by taking absolute responsibility for all you wish to create and experience as well. Nobody is gonna do it for you. Getting Down to Business in Your Life requires these 5 Components and Ingredients for success:

  1. Life Management Skills-Knowing how to manage your emotional and mental states of focus and how to stay in peak operating states on a day to day, moment to moment basis
  2. Toned Decision Making Muscles-Strong decision making muscles, strengthened by rigorous repetition and use
  3. Major Action Taking Ability-Not being afraid to get in the game and make big plays, learning the game you are participating in, getting off the bench as merely an observer and becoming an actual player
  4. Total Commitment-Giving 110% commitment in whatever area or arena you are truly committed to
  5. Strong Desire to Face and Overcome Fears-Climbing the scary mountains, facing your own vulnerability and fears of uncertainty and failure, and overcoming inadequate self worth feelings

You can't always wait for the perfect day to begin something. What's wrong with today? You've gotta seize the day sometimes. You've also gotta seize the opportunities that present themselves. These often include: resources at your disposal, or people who wanna help you succeed, financial resources and etc. Don't just wait for your ship to come in. Build the damn thing , decide where you want to go in it and START SAILING!

Getting Down to Business in your life means, you've gotta to know what you want and deserve and not be afraid to ask life, the universe, or God for the things you want, or desire. Also, another few key points to Getting Down to Business in your Life are, knowing and expecting that you will see good things happen in your life, and also making key choices and decisions along the way. There is an intense power in a REAL decision to do something. It summons large, unfathomable resources and the God's intervention. The perfect day you have waited for is TODAY.

Getting Down to Business in Your Life is similar to starting a business with nothing more than a business plan for your product or service. Then you have to follow that plan and keep your focus on your successes, your triumphs and where you are going in the long run. Also, like in sales, you can't accept no for an answer. You've gotta be willing to have some doors shut on you. In fact, if you don't have any doors shutting on you, you are not really in the playing field. And as with a business, there also needs to be a Marketing, Publicity and Innovation team to help you brainstorm new ideas and to get your ideas out there in physical, tangible form. Like in creating a successful business, you have to follow your business plan, market yourself and grow your brand or product. After you do all these things, success will naturally and harmoniously follow.

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