Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sharing-The Ultimate Giving Machine

Sharing is just like gambling. The more you put in, the more you are bound to get out. And when you give the highest and best of what you are capable of giving, something amazing happens, lives are blessed and touched and you open the flood gates to rich blessings and an abundant life. The universe rewards you for sharing your authentic gifts, talents and passions! In fact, the law of giving is like the law of gravity. What goes up must come down.

One of the definitions of the word AFFLUENCE in Webster's dictionary is: an abundant flow or supply. So in essence, in order to attract more abundance into your life, you have to give something more of yourself, (your time, talents, material blessings, money, or some form of tithing) to this abundant flow or supply. And as you add to the flow, you keep the flow going, and then you increase the flow of abundance in your life naturally and gracefully. It's all about allowing the flow without damning it up with selfishness and greed.

The whole rhythmic dance of the universe operates under the law of giving. A flower is pollinated by the bee and in return gives her nectar to the bee, who makes honey, which feeds a myriad of insects and animals. A tree gives her fruits that we might eat, and in return we take care of the tree. A river gives of its water freely on its way downstream, nourishing and watering all living things in its path, and in the end, it flows into the ocean where it merges with an infinite supply again.

Whenever you are giving, you are declaring to the universe you have abundance to share. And whatever you believe is true and act on, has far reaching effects. The reason for this is the universe listens to and responds to your beliefs and actions, and therefore gives you more, because you are claiming yourself to be abundant. Conversely, when you hoard, or don't share out of fear of not having enough, that is exactly what comes your way-more lack, because you are declaring to the universe you are poor and have very little to give. It is always listening and responding to our thoughts and beliefs!

Once you start giving more of yourself though, you will quickly realize just how much more you receive than ever before. Giving not only makes you feel good, it welcomes positive vibrations, and a positive flow of a myriad of blessings into your life. And it doesn't really matter what you give either. Tithing doesn't have to be just about giving money. It is a spiritual law. It's about giving and sharing what you do have. And it is absolutely imperative that this give and take exists. Without it, life could not go on. Selfishness only stops the natural flow of give and take. The native Americans understood this concept miraculously. They would never take more than they needed from the great mother, because they understood their interconnectedness to her sacred web of life. If they killed something, they utilized most of the entire animal for something. Also embedded in the native culture, is the notion that whenever you take something from someone else, you also must give them something in return.

I believe in our culture we are taught subconsciously to be takers more so than givers. It's all about me, me, me. What's in it for me? It's amazing how stingy we are, when we have so much to share. I spent several weeks in Mexico in great poverty and I had total strangers invite me into their small, heavily populated homes. They fed me and welcomed me with open arms. It was beyond humbling. It brought tears to my eyes, because I had never seen generosity freely given like that before. The ironic thing is in our culture, what we don't realize is, this very resistance to circulate our wealth and abundance keeps more wealth and abundance from coming into our lives as well. The whole earth operates under a give and take philosophy, or an abundance mentality. It knows there is more than enough to go around for everybody and everything, and the more it freely gives, the more it will be freely given in return. That is why I titled this: Sharing-The Ultimate Giving Machine, because there is marvelous power in sharing. The more things of value you share with others, the more things of value will be shared with you. Sharing is like laughter, it is highly contagious. Always be on the lookout for ways to share with others and just watch the jackpot flow...

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