Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Exercising Positivity


When someone loves life they are infectious.  Their positivity radiates jubilantly for all the world to see. Joy, passion and spirit emanate all around them. Their energy and attitude affect and move everyone they come into contact with. In a nutshell, these types of people are powerful agents for change. Whether you are lucky enough to be this type of person, or know someone of this caliber, you're quite fortunate. These souls are like a well of water in a thirsty desert as they quench the thirst of countless others.

What sets these rare people apart from the masses is they are positively fit, which is very similar to being physically fit. They have learned how to strengthen and shape their positive muscles so to speak. You see, positivity is much like a muscle. The more you exercise it and keep it fine tuned, the more it grows, strengthens and basically the more toned and developed this faculty becomes.

You too can strengthen your positivity muscles by sheer will power and by practice. When you do this, you can't help but elevate your life. Both positive and negative energy exist within all of us. What it boils down to though, is which one you decide to exercise the most. You have to decide which one you will nurture.  And whichever one you exercise the most, sooner or later dominates your life experience. The choice is basically up to you.  You might as well choose positivity as it takes just about the same energy to keep yourself positive as it does to be negative.

Positivity is one of the most worthwhile pursuits to follow. It takes nothing away from you, but only adds luster and brilliance to your life. It brightens your personality and outlook on life as well. It expands your possibilities and capabilities. It has an intense effect on others as it subconsciously makes them like you and want to assist you in every avenue of your life. With positivity you become a magnet for all of life's goodness.

There are some keys for Exercising Positivity that you can implement immediately in your own life.  These include: dwelling only on positive outcomes, visualizing positive scenarios, asking yourself positive questions as well as filling your inner reservoirs regularly with positive material. As you exercise your positivity, you are watering your success garden and welcoming abundance, excitement and happiness into your life.  Trust me it's more than worth the effort...

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