Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flowing Artistically With LIfe


The joy of creativity is uninhibited, delightful pleasure and leads you majestically into a life of untamed, alluring beauty. Starlit skies, cascading mountains, towering pines, majestic lakes and deep, carved canyons all tell a story of boundless creativity. The world is an artistic creation of heavenly creation and glory. The vast universe is a spectacle to behold. It unfolds its articulate attractiveness in a myriad of ways. Haven't you noticed that the times when you are being the most creative are some of the most enlivening and enjoyable moments of your life?

The entire universe dances with a sense of splendor and its own uniqueness. It creates and designs at will. When you express yourself, you become part of this dance and allow your creativity to sparkle and flourish. The manner in which you choose to express this vital part of yourself is your declaration of joy and love. When it comes to creativity, being authentic, standing firm in who you are and exhibiting the talents you bring to the table of life, makes all the difference. You can own your creative powers, thus utilizing your entrusted ability and magic to create. This is taking a sacred, inner journey on an illustrious, gold, paved street to the realm of your heart and soul.

Value your creativity and hold it sacredly. This essential and divine part of you can bring you to life, make you enlivened, as well as help you overflow with rich, colorful passion. All of life is creative and mysterious, so embrace the mystery and choose to participate in a life of exploration, a life of fashion and design, in creative ebb and flow. To give wheels to your own creativity, ask yourself what has been a true expression of your own uniqueness that you could now implement in your life in the days and weeks up ahead?

Opening up to your creativity is like entering a swift, powerful, gushing river that carries you towards greater and grander things. Jump in, get your feet wet and go with the current. Feel the rush and awesomeness of creatively Flowing Artistically With Life.

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