Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let Everything Be as It Is


Surrender is not just a spiritual, but a truly life transforming practice. It is basically to accept things as they are and Let Everything Be as It Is right now in your life. Resistance is always futile anyway, because what you resist persists and even gets stronger. And too much striving in life actually produces the opposite of thriving. When you stop trying to force things, or overcome things by brute strength and instead, learn to work with the flow, then your natural state of happiness and joy begins to shine forth. By practicing living this way often enough, you may even begin to understand and realize the sheer beauty of the NOW moment for the very first time in your life. 
There is a marvelous and almost commanding power in non-resistance and acceptance.  If you could learn to be at peace with and simply accept even the unacceptable in your life right now, imagine how much easier your life could be. What if you could just Let Everything Be as It Is?  Well this is the way to flow with life.  To come into union or harmony with the way things actually are right now, to embrace things as they are happening right in this very moment is freeing and liberating.  Here's the thing to remember, whatever you are experiencing now is precisely as it needs to be, otherwise you wouldn't be experiencing it. And the very things you are resisting by nonacceptance cause resistance and friction in your efforts to change, or overcome them. If you could instead accept where you are at and move forward from there, with the flow rather than against it, you could certainly maximize your ability for affecting positive change in your life.

The idea of effortless effort in Zen traditions has ultimate relevancy here.  Oftentimes we accomplish more by doing less. Aldous Huxley a leader in modern new thought said this, “In all activities of life from the trivial to important, the secret of efficiency lies in an ability to combine two seemingly incompatible states – a state of maximum activity and a state of maximum relaxation.” Being natural, spontaneous and responsive to life, like water, you can be powerful and effortlessly flowing at the same time. Water is a dynamic reminder of a transcendental life altering substance which overcomes both the hardest and softest elements just by just a gradual, continuous flow. 
Why walk through life with a clenched fist?  Not accepting things as they are in this very moment is battling against yourself, which is a never ending battle you cannot win.  A great question to ask yourself is this: what do I need to let go of, or merely learn to accept to be at peace right now?  Once you find the answer to this question and you let go of whatever it is you are struggling to accept, you will instantly feel lighter.  Acceptance of things as they are instantly brings clarity and balance to your life experience.  So what in your life can you surrender to or accept right now?  Can you imagine what it would be like to make accepting everything as it is your spiritual practice for the next week?  I assure you that if you do, you will see dynamic changes and your life will be revolutionized.  Accepting things as they are brings clarity, balance and a quiet sense power to any one's life... 
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