Friday, November 1, 2013

Finding Inspiration


If only there was a place we could go to find inspiration, or there was some secret remedy to living an inspired life, the art of inspiration would be simple. Finding Inspiration isn't always easy for any of us though. It can be downright difficult, especially at certain periods in all of our lives. Yet, when we truly open ourselves up to it, it can be found anywhere, anytime, in any situation, if we are but aware of its presence. Some people may find it through art, by observing a beautiful landscape, through hearing a beautiful piece of music, reading or listening to a book or poem. The thing is, inspiration is truly all around us when we but stop to look and listen. And being inspired and living an inspired life is where life's magic is at. We all need inspiration as desperately as we need sunlight and oxygen.

For me inspiration comes comes in many different ways.  It can arise within me when I'm reading or writing poetry as well as listening to music, or writing music.  But it can also come from hiking in the mountains, watching a play or incredible movie.  I also find that when I'm feeling the closest and most connected to source, I'm the most influenced by or awakened to inspiration.  For this reason I practice daily yoga and meditation.  It keeps me close to inspiration, since inspiration literally means (in spirit).  Sometimes inspiration is brought on by exercising creativity.  Regardless of the numerous forms for finding it, it is blooming all around...

I believe we are all meant to life inspired lives.  Inspiration is one of spirit's greatest gifts. We can however cut ourselves off from its amazing power by dulling or numbing ourselves.  The end result of this though is that we choke off the very part of us which gives us the most animation.  We should all embrace inspiration and do things which inspire us often.  When we cut ourselves off from inspiration, we are literally cutting ourselves off from our life giving essence or spirit.  Living with inspiration is magical, breathtaking and a colorful existence.

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