Sunday, November 17, 2013

If Life Was a Game


If we approached life as if it was a game and we were all just players, life would be a total blast. We would all just be out on the playing field playing our hearts out, not worrying about winning or losing. Think about how you might play the game of life differently if this was the case. If it was all just fun and games and no one was taking score, wouldn't you simply be living it up?  If you didn't have to be concerned with ultimate successes or disastrous failures you would just be playing, taking risks, as well as being more courageous, brave and adventurous. And if this was indeed the case, you would just be relishing the moment, capturing more bliss and excitement.

If we will allow it to be, life can be like a game.  In fact, this is truly how life could be lived by all of us. Here's the thing, no matter how you look at it, none of us are getting out of this experience alive anyway.  So with that being said, the only failure lies in not being fully present, as well as not taking in as much excitement, passion and joy from the game of life as is possible.

When it's being compared to a game though, life sometimes presents big challenges or obstacles to be overcome.  And when we are facing tough obstacles that is the time to step back, take a look from a heightened perspective and remember IT'S ALL JUST A GAME... And the thing with all games is that they are all invented for amusement and fun.  You too can play your game of life anyway you want to, just for fun, without fear of failure, or everything falling apart. 

We should never allow ourselves to take life so seriously, for when we do, we attract serious events and situations. When we stress and worry and think of the worst case scenarios, that is what we tend to attract more of.  But rarely is our situation life or death as it seems, unless we are coming from a place of insecurity and fear. The great thing about life is the universe always has our back.  Life always turns around.  We can always get up and keep moving again no matter what befalls us on our paths if we so chose to do so.
Life is indeed the ultimate game. So remember this and try to apply this idea with any serious, or stressful situations you may be facing at the moment.  And for the next few days try and approach these situations as a game just to see how it eases your stress and worry.  Whatever challenges you may be dealing with, whether it may be financial issues, searching for a new job, deciding on a new life path or career, or struggling to find the perfect lover in your life, it matters not.  Remember these things are all just a game when approached from this perspective. So instead of fretting and freaking out about how up in the air your life may seem, or how difficult and challenging everything is, you can instead choose to simply enjoy the process, seize the moments life gives you and approach it all as a game.  By doing this, life becomes so much simpler and so much more enjoyable.  So live it up, throw yourself out there and play with passion and enthusiasm.  Treat life as If Life Was a Game and you will find yourself victorious in the game of life... 

"And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)" -Dr. Seuss, Oh the Places You Will Go

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