Sunday, April 13, 2014

Addicted to Happiness


The word addiction generally has a bad connotation associated with it. Maybe that's just because it's most often referenced with drug, alcohol and pornography abuse, as well as with food disorders? But did you know the actual Latin root of the word addiction (addictio) is not necessarily a negative one? It means a giving over, a surrender. So what if there could be some positive addictions, things you could give over or surrender to, which could prove to add substance or value to your life? It seems probable from this standpoint that there just might be a few positive, life transforming addictions out there to be had indeed. Take for example having an addiction to happiness
, health, love or inner harmony. Those couldn't be so bad right? Well, here's a grand question for you. If you're going to be addicted to something, why not become addicted to happiness and feeling good? This is just as easy to do as it is to be addicted to negativity and feeling lousy. Worry, anxiety, depression, despair and anger are normal human emotions, but even they can become addictions. And they can also be life destroyers. Happiness on the other hand is a life enhancer and is therefore a great alternative for sure!

Happiness is somewhat of a science and there are countless proven formulas for achieving it. If you're willing to follow them and let it be your all consuming desire and focus, that is exactly what you shall experience. Happiness is also an art and art, like science can be well crafted and fine tuned to precision. This of course takes supreme commitment and dedication.

The truth is though, most addictions blind you, waste your energy, money and end up alienating you from others. They can have you acting like a robot which responds automatically to a response or command. An addiction to happiness however, has just the opposite effect. Being
Addicted to Happiness can actually be a life saver and can add many valuable dimensions to your life. The key difference with a happiness addiction is, instead of looking outside of yourself for substances to uplift and hypnotize you so to speak, you have to look within, which is where the real source of happiness originates anyways. Looking outside of yourself never satisfies. Ken Keyes said in his book Handbook to Higher Consciousness, "Nothing is ever enough until you are enough." And this goes hand in hand with overcoming negative, destructive addictions. Once you realize you are lacking nothing and that you are the source of your emotions, as well as the creator of your destiny, your desire to reach for things that bring temporary highs naturally diminishes. And this gives way for a possible, healthy addiction to be substituted instead. Remember addiction is just a word. It doesn't have to be a bad thing after all. Maybe it just depends what it is you are addicted to?

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