Saturday, April 26, 2014

Recognizing the Signs

We live in a loving, responsive universe which is constantly looking out for our best interests. Sometimes it gives us intuitions, warnings and occasionally even irrefutable, undeniable signs. It can also offer us a cosmic nudge to do something, or go somewhere. If we pay attention, this guidance can be found all around us. We all receive impulses, insights and hunches.  And sometimes these things can seem abrupt, seemingly impractical, whimsical and may even go totally against our practical mindsets. But nevertheless, it is oftentimes in our best interests to act on and follow their lead, as the universe knows more about whats up ahead, as well as what's coming into our lives than we often do. The higher self, or intuitive self will challenge you to extend yourself beyond rational barriers at times, as it wants to teach you to rely on higher wisdom than your own limited wisdom. 

Being on the spiritual path means being open to and aware of the signs and synchronistic events happening all the time in our lives. But it is also about honoring them and heeding their counsel or advice too. Living in this fashion is not something you can learn overnight. It's a way of life and it doesn't come easily. It can take years to grow into and/or master. But with practice it can be integrated into any one's life. It can turn a normal, everyday person into a highly intuitive, integrated and balanced, multi sensory human being. Gary Zukav says this about intuitions and signs in his book, The Seat of The Soul, "Impulses, hunches, sudden insights, and subtle insights have assisted us on our evolutionary path since the origin of our species." It seems pretty obvious this is true, as many great leaders, authors and inventors have attested to receiving this type of guidance and inspiration at crucial turning points in their lives or careers.

Intuitions and signs serve many purposes in our lives. These things help us to survive, thrive, be inspired as well as to be creative. Sometimes they also assist us in remembering our souls purpose or dharma. It's not always about how loud they speak to us either, but how much we are able to listen to and perceive their subtle, life changing messages. Sometimes hunches and signs are very faint, other times they are like fluorescent billboards on the side of the road that you just can't miss. The more we are in tune with our spiritual selves, the more we can pay attention to and follow their wisdom. As the human species is evolving, we are becoming more integrated beings in mind, body and spirit. Learning to value our innate, inner wisdom is an enormous part of this process. 

Signs and intuitions serve as guideposts. They can lead us to good jobs or career opportunities, steer us out of bad or distressing situations, help us create inspiring, passionate lives and lives with more love and harmony. Recognizing the Signs that are being laid out for us is ultimately in our best interests. So pay attention, keep your eyes on the road and you never know when the gentle, loving, life directing wisdom and guidance will come to you. The more you honor it and listen, the more it will speak to you...

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