Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Being in the Zone

We've all had those moments when life is flowing with ease and certainty, where it seems as if nothing can possibly go wrong.  Being in the Zone as it's often referred to, is a mystical and exciting place to be.  In this state life feels effortless, harmonious, and powerfully dynamic.  You can feel totally focused and in sync with some great, unseen, mighty force.  And you may even feel limitless and free, totally at one with all of creation.  Things just work out naturally and you don't even have to try so hard.  It's a gentle and reassuring experience for sure, which allows you to feel connected to a larger than life matrix of energy.


So what if you knew how to create this empowering state whenever you desired and you could turn on the magic at any given moment? Well I am convinced we all can.  Here's the thing to understand, everything is associated with a certain frequency and
Being in the Zone is no different. Keeping yourself fine tuned, receptive and in positive frequencies increases the likelihood of finding yourself in the zone more often.  This includes practicing positive thinking, doing affirmations and visualizations, or doing anything that increases your energy vibrations.

But then again, life is tricky and often unpredictable.  Sometimes getting into the zone just happens when it happens. You can't always control it. Sometimes you find yourself in great states when you are not trying so hard to make things happen. Life is paradoxical like that. Sometimes the best moments just happen spontaneously. And although you might not be doing anything differently at all, yet for some miraculous reason you are able to tap into and access this smooth, flowing, highly, efficient frequency.

There are some other things you can do to get into the zone as well.  First of all, you have to go with the moment and be fully present wherever you are at.  It is also super helpful to keep yourself in a positive state of expectancy as much as possible. You also have to exercise confidence in yourself and move in the direction of your goals. But however you get there, to this experience of
Being in the Zone, it is reassuring when you do and you feel supported by the mystery of life and you know you are in sync with life's rhythms.

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