Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Essence of Well-Being

Well-being entails a lot of various aspects. The dictionary defines it as: a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous. And though this is a good definition, it is quite vague and lacking substance. It is so much deeper in scope than this definition implies. And even though it's a broad topic, The Essence of Well-Being can be summed up in a nutshell. It is looking good, feeling good, having an abundance of energy, as well as a healthy self esteem and self concept. But, it is even a bit more than this. It is loving life, feeling purposeful, being infused with vigor and having a zest for living. It is being well, or healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit and fully understanding the connection of these three integral parts. You really cannot have imbalance in any of these areas and still maintain a thriving sense of well-being.

Wellness is certainly more than looking and feeling good on the outside. Its scope is much wider, encompassing a rich life of wholeness, completeness and inner contentedness. Those who attain this great jewel are indeed wealthy and blessed, for arriving at this station is rare indeed. It is not an easy road and is more or less a way of life. It requires an enormous commitment and discipline to self care and self nurturing. The Essence of Well-Being is synonymous with personal responsibility. You and only you can choose it for yourself. And only you can maintain it as well. 

Living close to spirit, zen or the Tao is the closest link to wellness and/or well-being. And finding or making time for strengthening your connection will prove to be a work of priceless worth. The blessings you will reap for cultivating health and wellness are substantial, medicine like remedies for life's maladies. The beauty of wholeness is, when you learn how to fill yourself up, you have more to give away. The bottom line is simple, a healthy life equals wellness, happiness, harmony, peace, balance and tranquility.

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