Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Preoccupied With Success and Positive Thinking

The will to win and to succeed far outweighs any hurdle, or anything period that can possibly stand in your way. But here's the catch, if you want to taste success wholeheartedly, you've got to be Preoccupied With Success and Positive Thinking. If you've got a dream, you have to have a burning desire to achieve it, as well as an unconquerable zeal to go to battle for it.  You have to be willing to stand in the fire for your dreams. If you want to accomplish your goals, you've got to be willing to lay down part of your life for them. You can't just say this is who I am and what I believe. You've got to act on and move on your dream. The difference between dreaming and doing is just that... doing. Talking is like breathing, anyone can do it. But doing is the real deal and is what separates life success champions from closet dreamers.


Being Preoccupied With Success and Positive Thinking is the only way you will ever succeed. This means that a good 60-75% of your main thoughts and focus need to be on positive, success related thoughts and on accomplishing your desires. It is pointless to waste your time contemplating failure and focusing on why something won't work. Remember we didn't get to the moon by contemplating how we could stay in the earth's atmosphere. Great things are accomplished by extraordinary thinking, thinking that makes you break the bonds of what you once thought was humanly impossible.


There is a surefire way to the resort destination of your dream life and that is to keep your constant focus on winning, succeeding, overcoming obstacles, moving forward and attracting abundance. For success to really take root in your outer experience, it has to first become almost an obsession of sorts, an automatic response, and a compelling desire in your inner experience. Bottom line, the more you are Preoccupied With Success and Positive Thinking, the more likely you are to taste lavish success and fruitful abundance. A side note here though, this is not to encourage you to be selfish, only thinking of yourself, which never brings about happiness, but merely to encourage you to live highly conscious everyday.  Bottom line is this,  the more conscious of your thoughts you become and the more you are able to occupy your mind with thoughts of a positive and successful nature, the easier the road to your dreams will become. And there you have it folks, a life changing formula...

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