Thursday, April 23, 2009

Live With Passion

                    "Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things!"
                                                                                                                -Dennis Diderot

Life was meant to be juicy, sweet, full of flavor, bursting with excitement, passion and adventure.  It was never intended to be hum drum, dull, boring or monotonous. So why do some people live with zest, while others lead lives of quiet desperation?  The answer I believe is that we all have the choice to choose exactly how much joy and beauty we want in our lives.  And each of us has a well of passion and inspiration to draw from deep within ourselves--an unlimited reserve just waiting for us to tap into it. It's just that not everyone knows this and not everyone chooses to go after and seek this source. I think it boils down to making a choice to living a passionate life and then actually taking action to go after it or create it.
Lets face it, in life anything worthwhile requires effort!!!  Whatever it is you want, you have to work at it. And isn't it easier to just sit around, be lazy and not do anything to better yourself, your situation, etc? Of course it is...  The funny thing is, people do this and then wonder why their lives are not working.  Living with inspiration, joy and positivity is an active thing and requires much effort on your part.

Creating a life of passion requires taking action and personal responsibility. It requires spending time figuring out what you are excited and motivated about, what juices you, and then doing more of those things.  It requires following your bliss regularly. For me, it is yoga and meditation, writing (music, poetry and motivational/inspirational material). I am passionate about all of these things! They all make me come alive and dance.  While I am doing them, I feel incredibly connected to my soul and completely energized. If you want to feel more passionate, find the things you enjoy and then figure out how you can incorporate these things into your daily life. Maybe you could possibly  even build a career out of one particular thing you are passionate about? 

Here is a List of Things You Can do to Help You Start Living With More Passion Today

1. Live in the moment (slow down, learn to savor each moment, take time to contemplate the mystery and beauty of all creation)

2. Take chances/risks (put yourself out there, dare to go after the things you desire, dare to live your dreams)

3. Keep a journal (journaling helps you stay in touch with yourself and helps you to keep on focus, on target)

4. Remember to keep close to the source of all passion and inspiration (this one is huge, to feel more alive you have got to be aligned with the cosmic energy, the flow of life-spirit)

5. Exercise (exercise is proven to release endorphins which make you feel more happier and more alive)

6. Give what you have to offer (share your gifts to others, you may be surprised at the response you get when you showcase your talents and give whatever it is you have to give)

7. Do things that make you feel strong and powerful (I climb mountains, it totally makes me feel alive and powerful)

8. Cultivate happiness and optimism (you can do this by asking yourself positive questions, doing positive affirmations and using visualization)

These are just a few of the things that may help you live a happier, more fulfilled life. I choose to live with passion and you can too! It is very possible for anyone to create a passionate existence.  All you have to do is ask more from life than you currently have been and know you are worthy and deserving of receiving it. Be a hero in your own life story and Live with Passion.

***WARNING*** Failure to follow this list may result in a life filled with regret, a life of boredom and may even be detrimental to your health!

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